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How to fix “Referenced assembly does not have a strong name” error?

I've added a weakly named assembly to my Visual Studio 2005 project (which is strongly named). I'm now getting the error:

Can release-key file be reused without password?

I have an app on android market. Which was developed by a developer. He uses this release-key or keystore for all his projects so dont want to give out the password for this. Is there any way to re...

How can I get a 64 bit USB driver to load in Vista 64

I am working in Vista 64 bit system.

How do you package and self host your Firefox extensions?

I'm developing a site-specific Firefox extension. The official hosting/updating mechanism at forces my users to login to download my plugin (until it get approved for public stat...

Code signing, do I need to generate a keystore?

I am trying sign an app using keytool, but I dont have a keystore file.

Security problems of signing lots of small data chunks

I want to sign huge numbers of small data chunks (hashes, e.g. SHA) using asymmetric key algorithms (preferably RSA with GPG) and make the signed files publicly available.

Open SSL certificate fingerprint in C

I am generating a self signed certificate using OpenSSL from C. My code is largely based on the example demo code in the demos/X509 folder (in OpenSSL) and is working ok.

IIS LocalSystem Application pool cannot access my system certificates

I've developed a c# (.NET 4.0) application that signs PDF documents using SecureBlackbox libraries. For my signatures, the signing process uses some installed user certificates from Trusted Root

Android Marketplace: Are the details (name etc) in the keystore user-visible?

When I sign my app for release on the Android Marketplace I create a keystore file using the keytool application following the instructions here

Android updating marketplace app using a different signing key

Developer signed an app with his personal keystore but it should have been the company's keystore.