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Calculating the outer boundary of several Geometry objects in SQL Server 2008

I have lots of Polygons of datatype Geometry in SQL Server 2008. The image below shows how a select of all these Geometrys looks visualized.

Store 2D points for quick retrieval of those inside a rectangle

I have a large number of 2D points and I want to quickly get those that lie in a certain rectangle.

Import ORACLE SDO_GEOMETRY to SQL Server Geometry

I'm building a service which selects a number of geometries from a system that stores its geometries in an Oracle 10g, and then save a copy of those into a SQL Server database for use by another sy...

How to save 100 SpatialLines objects in the list?

I need to save 100 SpatialLines objects in the list xySpatialLines. The below given code provides an error:

How to get help for plot function in sp package

This may seem like a very easy issue, but I cannot find the answer 'out there' so it's time to ask the R community: