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Hibernate basic configuration in Spring 3 project - Class not found exception

I'm trying to set up Hibernate 3.6 in my existing Spring 3 MVC + Spring 3 security project. Nevertheless I keep getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException in my HibernateUtil class - line with return...

Is there a solution for generating a JSON SMD for a Spring 3 REST Controller?

A colleague and I are setting up an architecture for rapid development of rich client-side apps using REST and JSON. Our server is using Spring 3's MVC and REST features to expose REST services as

How to set up a form in a Spring app that pulls data from different tables

I'm developing a Spring web app and am hoping someone can give me some advice. Currently I've got a form that when submitted populates a simple POJO that is stored in a database. That POJO needs to...

Spring Data Neo4j - Getting an exception when running a cypher query

I'm getting a strange exception when trying to run a simple cypher query. First i'll introduce my code, and then i'll show what cause the exception. So i have the following classes:

The Spring AOP Proxy that isn't

I have two Spring proxies set up:

Multiple Select in Spring 3.0 MVC

Ok so I've been trying to accomplish multiple selects in Spring MVC for a while and have had no luck.

Spring,Quartz and JobStoreTX

By using CronTriggerBean i have created two triggers(say trigger A & B) for invoking two different action. We have placed our project as .war in 2 servers.I am using JobStoreTX for clustering. ...

Injection through Annotations vs injection through XML file in Spring 3. Limitations related to inheritance

I have the following abstract class, with a property called portletBaseViewName which is meant to be different for every concrete Controller extending AbstractController.

How to implement a search for surrounding suburbs or postal codes?

When user enters a suburbs name or postal code I need to find its surrounding suburbs or postal codes, I had a look at the following solutions that I have found in my researches, but none of them h...

Scope variables in spring/mybatis maps

I have a conversationScope.myVar="myValue" variable;

Creating New Roles and Permissions Dynamically in Spring Security 3

I am using Spring Security 3 in Struts 2 + Spring IOC project.

How to set Server Time for ScheduledTimerTask in spring?

We are using ScheduledTimerTask to manage the jobs(automatic) in our application.We are using the following code:

Spring and Spring security configuration help, cannot find a bean

I keep receiving the exception with a message: "org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 'userDetailsService' is defined" even though the bean is defined as a

Two submits in one JPS and two actions in Spring

I know this question has been asked and answered but I don`t seems to have found a solution.

unable to bind data using spring data functionality

Thread is in continuation of sending-data-back-to-controller-spring-mvc

Group by with Named Parameter with Spring's NamedParamterJdbcTemplate

I'm using PostgreSQL and Spring 3.1 NamedParameterJdbcTemplate.

util:map in Spring picking up every bean of the map type

I have a Spring map problem that is bringing me to tears.

Spring exception - NotReadablePropertyException: Invalid property

I'm trying to create a form to add an object into the database.

Use value from backing bean in javascript

What I want is to use a boolean value from (Jboss configuration file) in my javascript.

Spring comma separated list of bean references

In Spring, is it possible to feed a comma separated list of bean references into another bean, ideally without any custom property editors. This list comes from a placeholder that I have no control...

Configuring JAXRS to do schema validation for only some service beans

I have a Spring-configured CXF-powered JAX-RS service with two service beans:

multiple Spring root WebApplicationContexts

I have a tomcat server with two webapps (foo and bar) that have an identical deployment war. The deployment uses the standard Spring/Hibernate setup. I assumed that these two webapps would start up...

Unable to load Spring ApplicationContext in JUnit test

I have a junit test like so below: (running in eclipse 3.7 using maven)

Use Spring in a WAR

I did jar application with Spring 3 TaskScheduler. I run this app with main method:

Hibernate get old / new for audit log

I want to log the changes of some entities.

Unreadable output from SuperCSV?

I have a utility class I created for my Spring controller to invoke to generate a CSV from a collection of beans using the SuperCSV library ( )

spring rest post?


Instancing a new thread in Spring to execute tasks periodically

I have a dashboard made with Spring that must control some task executions. The basic idea is to have a thread to send this tasks periodically to remote trackers. How can I instance this thread? I've

Spring maven , access CSS/JS files

I have a Spring project:

mongo db indexes on embedded documents

I have a domain object model as below...

No Spring WebApplicationInitializer types detected on classpath

My Eclipse project is suddenly no longer deploying properly. I can't trace it to any particular change I've made to the environment.

Is there a way to get all beans with scope prototype that are injected via @Autowired?

Injecting bean with scope prototype with @Autowired usually doesn't work as expected. But when writing code, it's easy to accidentally inject a prototype.

Spring @Autowired constructor gives No default constructor found

Some strange behavior from Spring 3.0 here.

Still no luck with C3P0 pooling in Hibernate using Spring WebFlow

Still no luck with C3P0 pooling in Hibernate using Spring WebFlow if I use the following database.xml file and run my project I check the database and I only see two connects to it but I have it se...

Class not eligible for getting processed by all BeanPostProcessors

I'm having a lot of trouble to set up a configuration of Spring + Spring Data JPA + QueryDSL + JPA 2.0 + Hibernate in Maven. I already solved a lot of problems, but this one is giving me headache =...

Hard?: Spring security on classes that are not Spring Beans?

Definitely need some expert help with this! I think this is mainly a Spring Security question, but as I don't know for sure, so I am also tagging with the general Spring tag!

How to recover from a Spring Social ExpiredAuthorizationException

I am trying to implement Google Oauth2 with Spring Social and spring-social-google. Initial authentication works fine. However after some time the authentication expires and I am hit by

Can we simplify programmatic transaction management with AOP?

I wanted to set the transactionManager based on some input criteria and hence I moved from declarative to programmatic transaction management .

Injecting beans into a class outside the Spring managed context

I'm an end-user of one of my company's products. It is not very suitable for integration into Spring, however I am able to get a handle on the context and retrieve the required bean by name. Howev...

defining custom model class in spring

I currently have a mapping method in spring with the following signature:

spring framework Error: Context initialization failed

i am deploying application(spring-hibernate) in tomcat6 but it is giving error- ERROR org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader - Context initialization failed

ActiveMQ embedded broker, exception in shutdown hook

I get the following error on shutdown, using an embedded broker:

Spring MVC 3.0 CRUD application using annotation and jdbc template

I want to create a new application in Spring MVC, before start it, I want to learn how to use Spring MVC with annotations and JDBC template. I search many blogs and tutorials about that, but they are

Is there a spring batch “job” scope?

I just want to know if there is a "JOB" scope in spring batch, like the "STEP" scope ?

Spring3 “session” scope and IllegalStateException even already defined proxy and RequestCntextListerner

I've got this error when deploying in Websphere 7. but it's working fine in Tomcat 7. It's such a strange behavior.

Whatever happened to the spring parent bean?

I'm new to Spring 3, and its fancy additional annotations in particular

What's wrong with creating sequence id hibernate generator?

I want to use sequence id generator,that will work in all databases.So i was seacrhing for an answer and found that blog and according to this next snippet must work:

How to use Spring Autowired (or manually wired) in Scala object?

I am trying to use Spring with Scala. I know Autowired works with Scala class, but I am using a web-framework that requires an object and I want to inject a dao into it. I wonder how to do this? So...

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