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Why won't my DataContext use SQL Server Compact Edition 4, rather than trying to use 3.5?

I'm playing around with SQL Server Compact Edition 4 CTP1 as I'd like to use it as a datastore for a low-traffic web app. When I try to create a DataContext with a connection string specifying

How to view SQL Server CE system tables in Visual Studio 2012

I can open a SQL Server CE 4.0 .sdf file in Visual Studio 2012 and it appears in the Server Explorer. All good.

SQL Compact Problem After Installing on Vista Client

I am trying to run an application that normally works when I install on XP, but it doesn't work when I install it on Vista. I am installing the prerequisite of .NET 3.5 SP1 and SQL Compact 3.5 inc...

C# Table Adapter Update Not Working

I am trying to serialize an object to a sql compact database. I am using VCS Express 2008. Every time I run a test to see if my data is sent to the database, nothing is in the database. My code:

visual studio 2010 using SQLCe 3.5 but project has 4.4 sdf file

I have added sql compack edition v4.0 file on my windows phone 7 project in visual studio 2010. I copied the data base from application folder to isolated storage, now while querying it gives this ...

Entity Framework Foreign Key violation with Save_Changes

This goes around the delightful scenario in which Entity Framework refuses to allow the programmer the ability to change the order in which data is saved...

Getting SqlCeException on restart if I don't insert data to the DB

This question can be a bit tricky to explain, but please bare with me.

Clean SDF database file

I have a filled SDF database file, I need to clean every record of tables. But if I do it by hand, Primary keys will not start with 1 after add record in table. And records will create with id (for

How to use the class SqlCeConnection in the Window Phone 7 application?

I am developing window phone 7 application. I am new to the Window Phone 7 application development. I want to use the SQL server compact edition database in my application for database connectivity...

Recommended framework for data aggregation

We have an application that will be collecting data and storing it in local WinXP PCs using Microsoft SQL Server Compact. We want to aggregate that data up to a single full-blown SQL Server for

Can a silverlight client access a local sql compact database that is stored in isolated storage

Does the silverlight clr support access to a sql compact database placed in the silverlight application's isolated storage?

Cannot connect to SQL Compact database 'Access to database file is not allowed' in SSMS

I'm trying to open an SQL Compact database in SQL Management studio.

SQL Server Compact 4 Startup - LoadNativeBinaries Slow

We are trying to switch an application that serializes data into files to use a database. This is a basic windows form application.

System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection ExecuteReader() Results are truncated

I am working with an excel importing tool that was created internally. The tool is supposed to read through an excel spreadsheet and import the results into a sql ce database. I have checked the

How do I connect to a .sdf local database file in C#

I am using local SQL Server CE database file (.sdf) and Entity Framework for my task.

VB.NET single quotation not accepted by query

I have a database class. And I'm using SQLServerCe which will run all commands. I put my query into a string variable q. And pass into the function of Database class. I have a problem. All values are

What SQL Server Compact data type should I use for money vals and for a “fake double” val?

I have the following columns: Qty, Cost, Margin, ListPricec, DeptDotSubdept that I need to create in a SQL Server Compact database table. Qty seems like it should be an int, but you can actually ha...

C# Error Parsing the Query Token Line number 1

C# Error Parsing the Query Token Line number 1

Cannot paste multiple lines text in SQL Server Compact table cell in Webmatrix

I am learning to create a database driven website in Webmatrix using ASP.NET Web Pages and SQL Server Compact. I want to manually enter data in DB tables but when I try to paste a block of text wit...

SQL Compact Edition 3.5 SP 1 - LockTimeOutException - how to debug?

Intermittently in our app, we encounter LockTimeoutExceptions being throw from SQL CE. We've recently upgraded to 3.5 SP 1, and a number of them seem to have gone away, but we still do see them

How data initialization works?

I have problem with initializing data into SQL Server Compact .sdf data file in .NET web application.

Best way to export SQL Server database to sqlite (or SQL Server Compact)

Do someone know what would be the best way to transform a big SQL Server database to sqlite or SQL Server compact ?

C# Entity Framework - Handling destructive autogen DB scripts with model first design

I recently started a new personal project to learn Entity Framework. My end goal is to make a desktop game that uses SQL compact for data management and uses Entity Framework for the game objects. ...

DataGrid bound to Entity Framework on SQL Server CE

I'm trying to do a dead simple thing but cannot find an effective way to do it. I have a WPF application that has a DataGrid. I want the DataGrid to show all the entries of a table (in a SQL Server...

Porting .NET CF 3.5 to 3.9 - What about SQLCE?

I'm planning to migrate a managed Windows CE 6 application to run on Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Currently, the app is based on .net CF 3.5 and as you know, WEC2013 includes .net CF 3.9