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My question is about how get the max id row of a table... I'm using max function but give me a error

The database disk image is malformed sqlite

I have migrated my .net 2.0 projects to .net 4.0.

Loader not loading data when sqlite data changes

I have a DialogFragment that I'm working on to display two spinners, side by side, one displays a list of drivers, the other a list of vehicles.

Need to store LOTS of data on Android device, thinking of going OODB

I'm currently working on a project that's based on Android. Without getting into many details, the software will run on a custom built device. The hardware will never change and will always be the ...

syntax error in sql query?

I want to create some tables in database so for that i wright some queries to create table.

Populating listview from a different activity with items from a SQLite database

I have a class which extends ListActivity within I have all methods for managing database items: insertItems(), getItems(), showItems(), etc. Everything works great when I populate this list view w...

How do I create a sqllite3 in-memory database?

One of the appropriate uses for sqlite3 is "in-memory databases". This sounds like a really useful tool for my C++ applications. Does anyone have an example of how this is done in C or C++? I'm

How can I Access an already existing SQLite database in mono for android

I'm currently working on a project where the application I'm creating needs to include a database. I've got no problems so far creating my own SQLite database from my application and accessing it i...

GSON (or) JSON to contentvalues with array of arrays

I am trying to get a fusiontables sql response into an sqlite db in android. says the object is valid JSON. But, the arrays in "rows" are not recognized as JsonArrays or JSONArrays. ...

GreenDao library(SQL) Self table Many-To-Many

I'm trying to build self many to many relation for USER table to itself - USER table.

Save data in relational table in content provider by inner join

How you can see in image i have a TABLE A, TABLE C e an array list A.

Inserting values from a textbox into SQLite database

I've created an Android application which requires the user to register his username and password. My question is, how can I insert the input values(textbox) into my SQLite database?

Database Schema Generator

i have an excel file which describe all the table structure of a database table

Testing NHibernate with SQLite “No Such Table” - schema is generated

I'm trying to use an in-memory SQLite database to test my data layer which is provided by NHibernate.

How to create tables in sqlite 3?

I just downloaded sqlite3.exe. It opens up as a command prompt. I created a table test & inserted a few entries in it. I used .backup test just in case. After I exit the program using .exit and

SQLite C/C++ API unsigned char *

Why does the SQLite C/C++ API return unsigned char *s for text values as opposed to the more de-facto char * type?

CREATE TABLE query crashes

I want to create a table with 2 number fields that are both unique.. Here is the query I tried:

Executing 120k queries in android

I am doing some sort of benchmark for sqlite android. If I were to pre-load total of 120k before executing, will most device have enough memory? While the queries are executing, there are also other

Getting the Last Insert ID with SQLite.NET in C#

I have a simple problem with a not so simple solution... I am currently inserting some data into a database like this:

Android - How to Create Sqlite database with Tables

I need to create a database with 3 tables and I am doing this like below:

get list of tables, db schema, dump etc in sqlite databases

For some reason I can't find online or in the docs the way to get the equivalents of sqlite's interactive shell commands:

How to open sqlite DB in onrestart()

I am updating home listview using data retrieved from DB. When I go forth then comeback to Home it crashes

How do I access an in-memory database using Sequel.sqlite?

I am accessing the in-memory database using Sequel in a Sinatra application. I want to access the in-memory database used in my application from the command line on my local host, as well as Heroku...

Sqlite Database Query returns null

I have a database and a mthod to get all values from every table.

sqlite select minimum function value of grouped result

i have a table with gps locations of restaurants chains and would like to return the addresses of the restaurants closest to point (A) within a certain radius

How to insert multiple values in single cell database table in android?

I am developing an android database application in which i have to add multiple values in single cell of database table like

How to decrypt the SQLite database content in windows phone 7 application?

I am developing the window phone 7 application. I am new to the window phone 7 application. I am using the SQLite database in my application to store & retrieve the data. I am using the following

Compile SQLite with SQLCipher on Windows

I am following this tutorial for compiling SQLite with SQLCipher on Windows. I am confused about pre-requisites for compilation. I found that I need to install following to compile it:

How to import database into Navicat Lite or sqlitemanager in Titanium

In my titanium application I can able to create the database and access it.But I don't know how to import my database in into Query Browsers like Navicat Lite or sqlitemanager extension on Firefox....

Update row in SQlite database by row position in android

I have database which contains "date" column and "item" column.

JPA/Hibernate - shared primary key

I wanted to create bidirectional one to one relationship with shared primary key.

Populating textview dynamically and related to another autocomplete textview

Ok here is the thing. My application has one autocomplete textview and under it a textview. In the autocomplete textview I've managed successfully to get employee names. I keep the list of employee...

Android SQLite Query Not Working

I'm trying to search data on database based on 2 conditions (entryId=rowId & category=cat_id) like below

how to check in sqlite3 whether number of columns are changed or not

Iam coding in c and using sqlite3 as database .I want to ask that how can we check whether no. of columns in a table got changed or not. Situation is like this that i am going to run the applicatio...

General application design (IntentService/ContentProvider/AsyncTask)

I'm trying to figure out what is the best general design for applications that access several web services and have multiple activities where information is displayed.

Cross-table UPDATE in SQLITE3

In SQL Server, I can do something like this:

Android: sqlite querying based on username

public ArrayList < PatientInfo > getAllPatients(String username) {

Android - Sqlite or Xml?

I am working on an android app that takes measures from an activity like

SQL query to calculate time spans based upon time stamps

In my project, I have need of calculating a time span. Currently, I'm retrieving every TimeStamp that matches my query and storing them in a List<>. Then, I iterate through the list to see if...

Need help creating SQLite trigger for keeping running totals

This is my first attempt at creating a trigger and I'm confused. Here's the basic database schema with the pertinent columns:

iOS- Saving View Properties

This may seem like a weird question but thought I would ask here before I spend a couple hours trying to implement it.

Error for open connect of database with FMDB

When I'm going to open connect with database, console says: "error opening!: 14".

SQLite - Get a specific row index for a Sorted/Filtered Query

I'm creating a caching system to take data from an SQLite database table using a sorted/filtered query and display it. The tables I'm pulling from can be potentially very large and, of course, I n...

C# SQLite Parameterized Select Using LIKE

I am trying to do an SQL query such as

Get data from OData with datajs and save to sqlite in phonegap

I am developing an app in phonegap which get data from OData with datajs and save it to sqlite. datajs works fine, but when I try to save data to sqlite I get the error " E/Web Console(11533): Unca...

How could i get the sqlite date delta in SQLAlchemy

I have a sqlite table with a column final_date in INTEGER type (Use as date). I want to calculate number of days from this column to now. In sqlite, i can run SQL with help of function (julianday) as

How to use user input as parameter for query?

So I'm very new to java and SQL and they are my first programming languages. I am trying to do some work with JDBC. I want to allow for a user to input an id and return a query based on the variabl...

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