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What is the difference between CURLOPT_SSLKEY and CURLOPT_SSH_PRIVATE_KEYFILE?

I was looking at this question and, to try to find the mistake, went to the PHP manual where I seen those 2 options :

How do I figure out which parts of a web page are encrypted and which aren't?

I'm working on a webserver that I didn't totally set up and I'm trying to figure out which parts of a web page are being sent encrypted and which aren't. Firefox tells me that parts of the page are

Three second https connection times on 3G networks

Ping to the server on the 3G network is 80ms, about the same as on Wifi (60ms), yet the time to set up an SSL connection is 3.5 seconds on 3G, 0.5 on Wifi. This is the same using both a laptop and an

Android client - Restlet 2.0.15 - cannot connect with HTTPS/SSL - recoverable error 1001

I have written an Android web service client using the Restlet framework for Android (2.0.15), and I've also written the web service backend as well (again with Restlet 2.0.15 JEE) which has been

rails 3 - Securing an app with SSL

I have a rails 3 app hosted on heroku which contains sensitive data which is why i want to implement SSL. The info I learned from google searching doesn't exactly match my use case as I want to SSL...

Best practices for validating wcf endpoint on client with/without SSL/TLS

I tried to catch all exception of wcf sercue with/without SSL/TLS or endpoint, something like this:

Using SSL with WP7, WCF service and Azure

I'm trying to connect to my azure WCF service using an SSL certificate. I've seen a good few tutorials talking about changing the 'binding' properties in the web.config file but the tutorial I foll...

Recusing myself from my own secure system

This is more of a software engineering question than a programming one. I tried to make the title as relevant as possible, if someone feels they can word it more appropriately please let me know.

Securing password authentication without SSL

I know it's a bad idea but I need to do this. I'm about 8 weeks away from getting a new server where I can have a working SSL'd application. So for the next 8 weeks I need to make it hard for someo...

How can I check if a server has ssl enable or not

Does anyone of you know, if and if so, how can I check, with my application code, if a server has ssl enable or not?

PostgreSQL login: is the password sent over SSL?

When I configure my PostgreSQL server to use SSL

Login to HTTPS captive portal

I actually connect in my univ to the network through a captive portal at this url, time ago I made a program to connect to it which worked perfect (C++

Is an HTTPS query string secure?

I am creating a secure web based API that uses HTTPS; however, if I allow the users to configure it (include sending password) using a query string will this also be secure or should I force it to be

SSL Login Structure

I have a members only celebrity photo and video gallery, for media professionals only. It's setup on a dedicated server and I have recently installed a wildcard SSL certificate.

Websphere MQ in C#: Where in the code to set SSL Keystore Password?

I have an MQ application that I need to use SSL connections with. I have been given a keystore to use and a password to use it, but what I am unsure of is where I need to go to set the value of the

Help with Setting Certain Links to HTTP and HTTPS

I have an newly installed SSL certificate on my website and

Setup SNI/SSL in cPanel

I am looking to setup SNI under cPanel, and while I know it's not directly supported just yet:

Android HttpsUrlConnection Connection closed by peer handshake error when using local truststore

I'm having trouble with getting Android to connect to a simple OpenSSL server using the HttpsUrlConnection object (I've combed through StackOverflow and a bunch of online tutorials, and followed the

Understanding and creating the certificate request & Private Key

So I'm creating an RapidSSL on a Linode VPS for a Ruby on Rails - Spree Application.

Understanding the TLS/SSL protocol

I'm currently taking a university class on security and cryptography, and one of the projects we're doing involves implementing a basic TLS socket.

Using SSL\TLS for free in a public program

I really need to use SSL in my Socket Server\Client Communication but paying for a certification is too over priced for me :( i can't afford payed Certification

Setting up Tomcat with SSL on Eclipse: “keystoreFile” has no effect

I'm setting up a test environment with Tomcat6 + SSL on Eclpse

JavaMail IMAP over SSL quite slow - Bulk fetching multiple messages

I am currently trying to use JavaMail to get emails from IMAP servers (Gmail and others). Basically, my code works: I indeed can get the headers, body contents and so on. My problem is the following:

php SOAP call over SSL - How do I jam a cert, key, and CA cert together in the request?

So, I'm trying to consume a webservice using something like this:

connect: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError)

I'm having a terrible time getting SSL to verify a certificate. I'm completely ignorant on how certificates work so that's a major handicap to begin with. Here's the error I get when running the

How to connect Django to a mysql database over an ssl connection?

I'm trying to connect Django to a mysql database which is accessible through an ssl connection. How do I configure this?

Implicitly trust SSL certificates in iOS app for private API

I'm working on an iOS app with a rails backend, running on a VPS (via my own domain).
3587 error

In our application we use https service url to get some service from other vendor. we all share with one server. this server interacts with service url and gets the information.

Java SSL -OpenSSL- Snafu

Below is some code I found about the 'net and I can't get it working. As far as I know it should work. Sadly, when I used s_server in the OpenSSL toolkit it didn't register a connection. The ser...

Connecting phpMyAdmin to a MySQL server over SSL

I may be barking up the wrong tree... However, what I have is a MySQL server that accepts connections only from a client with a valid SSL cert (see this link). This works great for example with Rai...

problems like this with just-in-time collection server code with PivotViewer using httpS (SSL)?

We are working on an ASP.NET application at work that uses the just-in-time collection server code with PivotViewer. Everything works fine using plain http.

keytool error bash: keytool: command not found

I have tried to execute keytool from Java bin directory but I get an error with warning bash: keytool: command not found.

How to test a man in the middle HTTPS proxy?

We are looking for guidelines for testing a new product that works as a "man in the middle" proxy, and intercept HTTPS traffic.

SSL & JQuery = No Padlock / Why?

Can somebody please explain to me where I am going wrong?

Sending encrypted data between servers without SSL in Apache

I have several independent PHP applications running on few servers. None of the servers have SSL, but I'm able to use PHP wraper for SSL. I would like to ensure all data sent between servers is saf...

Android manual X509 certificate chain validation

I have implemented in my code so I can validate my self-signed cert, which my software accesses. However, I still need to validate some other "standard" website SSL

How to redirect to (or enforce) SSL connection?

I am using Zend Framework(MVC part of it), and need to either redirect user to SSL enabled page or to force SSL from controller somehow and don't quite see how to do that? Maybe someone can share the

Is SSL really worth it?

I'm wondering if I should add an SSL layer between my server and client. I'm not handling any confidential data, but there is a very small chance someone might want to hack transmissions in order t...

Mixed Content Error in IE7 with html5shiv and SSL

I'm developing an ASP.Net app that is using html5shiv and ssl. For some reason I am getting mixed content errors in IE7 using html5shiv. If I remove html5shiv the errors go away. I'm also using ...

JavaMail: TLS on port 25 with separate truststore possible?

I'm trying to send mail using JavaMail on port 25 (no SSL) using TLS but with my own truststore (because the original cacerts truststore does not contain the needed certificates and I don't want to

SSL with EclipseLink JPA

Is it possible to make JPA use SSL for it's connections. I don't know very much about JPA, so I can't provide many details about what version and provider I'm using, but here is a stripped version ...

Connecting iPhone app to a secure RESTful API?

I am building a RESTful API in Python with the Pylons framework, serving it with Apache2 and mod_wsgi, and would like to connect it to an iPhone app. I have very little experience with HTTPS, SSL, ...

pycurl and SSL cert

I am trying to write a pycurl script to access a secured site (HTTPS).

Authentication a WCF Request via Client Certificate over HTTPS

I've been struggling with the configuration for this blasted WCF service for the past week, and I'm slowing beginning to suspect that what I'm trying to do is just not possible, despite the

Should I use self-signed certificates in general? For SVN in particular?

How secure is it to use self-signed certificates? As far as I understand it, an attacker could pretend to be my server if I don't have a certificate from an authority. Is this much of a risk?

SSL: Insecure Content IE

I'm currently building a website for our business, where the website is expected to work perfectly, even back to the earlier IEs down to 7.

How can I encrypt my website traffic?

What is the easiest free method of encrypting my web traffic? I'd like to be able to log in to sites on my web server without sending my password in plaintext.

Some images do not load under http, but do under https

I've come across an issue where some images on a site load under https but do not load under http.

Counterpart of .NETs NetworkStream / SslStream in Delphi 7

I have written a secure TCP server in .NET. This was basically as simple as creating a TcpListener instance and wrapping the connected client's NetworkStreams with SslStreams.

Secure connections between client, load balancer and server

The past week or so I have been getting to grips with the world of AWS and more specifically Elastic Beanstalk and Load Balancing...