Questions for strtok


Why does this use of strtok() cause segmentation fault?

I am trying to get ALL tokens in a string using strtok() and convert them to integers. After getting one token, trying to pull another promptly segfaults - how do I tell the system that this is no...

Reading the file with comma delimiter using fgets() and strtok()

I have a text file with three fields separated by comma.

Abnormal behavior to handle text files in C

I'm trying to simulate the behavior of a DNS server, which I have a DB named hosts.txt containing machine_names/IP_addresses, for example:

Error: Assignment makes pointer from Integer without a cast… in C Prog

I get this error whenever i run the program " Assignment makes pointer from Integer without a cast". My code is written below.... Please help... Thankx

C , How to find 2 repeating words in a string and count the distance between them

From what i understand i need to use the the strtok function but i have no idea what to do next. Please help.

Getting around null char from scanf

I have got my strtok working, but now because I am using scanf which ends the string with NULL char my program is only grabbing one line from redirected standard in. eg.

strtok() not regarding the new token value on subsequent calls

I've encountered this rather silly problem using strtok() in C. The routine in the main does not appear to be attending to my changed token, while the same works in the sub_routine where the only t...