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TeamCity to serve static HTML page

I am looking for a way to serve a few static HTML pages with TeamCity.

How do I setup TeamCity for public access over https?

How do I setup TeamCity 4.0 so that I can access it over port 443 on the internet? e.g.

How can I disable the Qualifier 'this.' is redundant rule in TeamCity Code Inspections?

I use Resharper's StyleCop integration when I am writing code to give me consistently styled code. I am using the full standard rule set.

How to make a TeamCity build fail (timeout) if it takes too long?

How do we put a timeout on a TeamCity build?

Is it possible to implement pre-tested commits in TFS?

I'm intrigued by the idea in TeamCity of pre-testing commits (i.e. verifying they don't break the build before allowing check-in to occur) and I'm wondering if there is any way to implement this in...

Teamcity Seems to Corrupt Powershell Scripts

I have a powershell script that I am trying to run via teamcity. The script is stored in the git repo that the code is built from. I have set teamcity to run the script as a script file

How to integrate Karma with TeamCity

I am able to run tests via Karma in TeamCity since you can run anything that's accessible via command line. But, TeamCity only reports overall pass/fail -- does not report details of any failed te...

Using continuous integration to deploy to a virtual machine to run integration tests

Has anyone any experience of setting up a CI server (team city for preference) to manage the creation of a virtual machine, deploying a package to the machine, getting the database to a known

Determining what process has a lock on a file

I have a unit test that works fine locally but when uploaded to TeamCity build server fails with "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

DotCover in TeamCity 8 doesn't work

I try to run dotCover with my NUnit tests, in the TeamCity 8 as a build step. But no metter what I try I always get the same error in the log file:

publishing artifacts is to slow

At the end of my build log i have the following:

Create changelog artifact in TeamCity

Is there a simple way to have TeamCity include a text or html change-log as one of its output artifacts?

Teamcity and gitosis authentication issue

I've a git repository administered by gitosis on my server. On the same server I have teamcity for my CI.

TeamCity - multiple agents on ONE MACHINE? Possible?

Coming "from" TFS and using TeamCity in a customer project....

Can we use parameter in pull url of mercurial in teamcity

Need to know whether we can use parameter in PULL changes from URL in teamcity mercurial settings. My requirement is to pass the branch name parameter on run time. It works fine if I use the parame...

Publish nuget package during TeamCity build to Octopus

There is a known problem that if you deploy during a TeamCity build, a previous version will be deployed (as the current will be available only after the build is finished).

Artefact folder structure does not contain empty directories

I'm trying to store whole the output of my build, this includes some empty folders. These aren't included by the artefact mechanism in teamcity:

Can I configure TeamCity to NOT start build chain before it is completed?

(Similar to: Is it possible to prevent a build chain from being interrupted in TeamCity?)

Teamcity fails to merge automatically

Given there are master and dev git branches, a git repository is hosted on the Github and TeamCity 9.0.1 installed as a CI server.

TeamCity SSH-Exec Build step with password from parameter

I have my build with SSH-Exec Build step (or SSH deployer), which requires username and password in its configuration to connect.

TeamCity and NCover integration, exclude files/types just gives me errors

I am trying to integrate NCover 2 into TeamCity 5.0.1, and since I have some files in the project that are out of my control, I'd like to exclude those from the NCover statistics.

TeamCity Professional License

I'm considering TeamCity for CI and not sure whether I can use Professional License (which is free) for commercial application?

Provide credentials to MSBuild publish step that uses FileSystem deployment in TeamCity

I work in a dev environment where the computers aren't part of a domain. I'm trying to set up TeamCity 8.05 on one of the computers to publish check-ins to a test server for our QA team. I've got it

How to add web hook on specific build in TeamCity

How to trigger build and add web hook on it via REST API? Or simply, how to add web hook on build by ID via API?

Trigger Teamcity build on succesful Git merge

We want our Teamcity server to do an automatic build whenever someone merges something back to the master branch.

TeamCity “Choose VCS roots to label” disabled

I am attempting to configure TeamCity to work with a Git repository. I would like to label each successful build. However under the "Version Control Settings" tab "VCS Labeling section" the option

Is it possible to get a simple numeric revision number from Git?

I am in the process of migrating my VCS from Subversion to Git. When I used Subversion, I used to use the Subversion revision number as the last component of my assembly versions. In TeamCity, I used

Can i get TeamCity to do what web essentials does? Less files and Bundles?

I am trying to get TeamCity to build less files and generate my bundles.

TeamCity can't locate any artifacts after a build

I have a build in TeamCity which runs against a project file names Web.csproj (inside a "Web" folder in the root) and targets "Package". It runs just fine and I get a nice Web\obj\Debug\Package fol...

Can I use WSPBuilder in a sharepoint continuous integration system?

We use a teamcity server to do CI for some things, we have started with some sharepoint web part development (again) and would like to integrate this into our CI system

Setting up deploy of orchard project using TeamCity

We use teamcity to deploy several of our projects. I'm attempting to setup the deploy of an orchard project, and I'm currently running into some issues.

How can I build a Xamarin iOS app using MSBuild?

I have an iOS App project, builds fine in Visual Studio (paired with my Mac build host). I want to build this project using an MSBuild command, so that I can use Teamcity for my builds. (My build a...

How do I run OpenCover + NUnit in TeamCity without running all unit tests twice?

I set up OpenCover in my MSBuild script, setup the ReportGenerator, and have it output as an artifact and have a custom tab - all of that works great. Here is my MSBuild target:

Is it possible to stop a subversion checkin if the teamcity build is broken?

We have a large distributed team some of which continually check in without updating first and (worse!) check in when the teamcity build is red.

Process NUnit result.xml and show it in Team City Web GUI

I remember doing this in an older version of Team City in which the NUnit Runner failed, so I tried running NUnit using the Command Line Runner instead.

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