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Remove File Menu Toolbar from Visual Studio (Menu Bar)

To increase working space and remove unused items from the Toolbar area, I would like to remove the File/Edit/View/etc toolbar (aka the Menu Bar) from the top of Visual Studio (2008 and 2010) (I do...

C# bring form to front in Windows 7 ThumbnailToolBarButton's click event

I've made an ThumbnailToolBarButton and I want to bring the form to front whwn i click the button. I`ve tried this:

What is the widget name of the Kde bar used in program like Kate? (image inside)

What is the object name of the Kde bar that provide buttons to hide/unhide widgets? I can't find on kde official API references. It's used in program like Kate, Kdevelop. Here the screenshot of the...

Modify CSS to hide

I need to hide the "Actions" menu from a document library's toolbar. I know in CSS I can use this "{display: none}" syntax to hide.

Eclipse toolbar with multiple rows

In my RCP app, I contribute several items to the main toolbar. The easy question now is: How do I make Eclipse lay them out so that they appear in a second row, just under the normal toolbar? Or ca...

ToolBar not visible in 9930 simulator

I've added a bottom toolbar using a ToolbarManager which shows in the 9800 and 9520(which have a similar screen size) simulator but not in the 9930 simulator. I haven't tested this on an actual 993...

Save drop-down history in a Firefox Toolbar

I'm doing some testing on Firefox toolbars for the sake of learning and I can't find out any information on how to store the contents of a "search" drop-down inside the user's profile.

Add Bookmark functionality to bar button item

I am having a toolbar which consists of many Bar Button item. Among that I have kept one as the Bookmark button. Now I want to add the Bookmark functionality to that Bar Button Item. How this can b...

extjs cannot process conditional statement

I have a extjs tabpanel and a toolbar defined like this.

Restored toolbar into Visual studio 2010 express

I noticed from the responses I did not see any solution for VS 2010 Express. So here it is:

SWT on OS X: unified toolbar?

Does SWT support OS-X-specific unified toolbars or button bars?

Get address of current page in Internet Explorer from toolbar

I'm trying to wrap my head around creating a toolbar (a tool band in a rebar) in MFC for Internet Explorer using COM.