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Passing movie title to a detail view in ios

I am able to parse a json file to a tableview but I can't figure out how to get the movie title and pass to my detail view as the title.

Is there a way to change sectioned tableview to drilldown tableview?

I have a sectioned tableview with a plist wich is an array filled with dictionaries.

“Beyond bounds” error in working with NSMutableArray

Trying desperately to find why it is that when I select a cell in my tableView and then scroll the table up and down when the cell is highlighted that the app crashes. It gives me a -[__NSArrayM

Table view data source array deallocated after handling asynchronous loading of data

I'm pretty new to Objective-C and am having a problem updating my UITableView after an asynchronous call.

UITableView populating Core data one-to-many relationship using checkmark - CoreData: error: Serious application error

I have an app where I'm trying to select Resources (buildings, IT Systems) that a Programme relies on. The relationship between the Entities is

UITableViewRowAnimation as a block (instead of a row) animation

Is there anyway to make a UITableViewRowAnimation animate at the same time?

Empty UITableView not bouncing when loaded from a nib

A UITableView should bounce (even when empty) when user scrolls as long as the bounces and alwaysBounceVertical properties are set to YES. When I initialize a UITableViewController, everything work...

How do I notify the UITableViewController of events from a UITableViewCell subclass?

I have a gesture recognizer on each of the table view cells, and when they swipe one I want my delegate to notify the table view (or if there's a better way without delegates, that) so it can be de...

Collapsable/Accordion like view in iOS

I am trying to develop a collapsable/accordion like feature in my iOS app. This would be your typical FAQ type feature that would be found on web sites. I would like to tap the heading and then the

UITableView leaking?

I have a UITableViewController and I set some properties in the viewDidLoadMethod like so:

UITableView indexPath section logic

This is the abridged code for my cellForRowAtIndexPath UITableView delegate method:

Multiple rounded-corner rows per UITableView section

I know that if I create a UITableView with grouped sections and one row per section, then I will get each row with rounded corners, but I need more than one row per section, with each row still hav...

how easy to filter data by dates with uitableview

will like to know how easy to do the date change and get a new set of data for my tableview.

Trouble with Making UITableViewCells Dynamic

I have a subclassed UITableViewCell called Comment, which has a UILabel containing some relevant information. This information is of varying length, so it is merely impossible for me to set a appro...

How to reset the scroll position of a UITableView?

I would like to completely reset the scroll position of a UITableView, so that every time I open it, it is displaying the top-most items. In other words, I would like to scroll the table view to th...

How can I add a table view controller to an existing storyboard view controller?

I'm creating a landscape iPad app for iOS 5.1 that should have two table views embedded into a view controller of my storyboard. What I would like to be able to do, is drag a table view controller ...

UITableViewCellAccessory Multiple sections

I am trying to add a checkmark to a UITableViewCell when a user selects it. I have the following code:

UITableView Delete button

I want to replace the default delete buttons in editing style of UITableView with my own buttons. how to do it?

Best way to re-use a UITableView with dynamic data?

My application has a series of table views based on some hierarchical data. For example, the user selects "Browse by XYZ" on my CategoryListController, and then I load my DocumentListController bas...

How to recreate iPhone's contact list UITableView

I really like iPhone's default contacts list input tables and I would like to re-create an input page similar to them. My v1 app used a bunch of text fields on the screen, but this implementation is

Only addSubView in Certain Cells

I have 10 cells/rows in a UITableView and I have set four of these cells to have some text like so:

UIButton in UITableViewCell

I have a UIButton with an image inside of a UITableViewCell. When the cell is being highlight, the button is also entering the highlighted state (i.e. a darker shade of the image), regardless of wh...

UITableview background changes while searching

i am developing an app contains an UITableView and a search bar. I set clear color to the background of the the UITableView, but while i am searching an item in the search bar the TableView backgro...

trouble with deleting uitableview rows by default method

This UITableViews gonna make me crazy!

Customise UITableView

How can I use more than one UITableView in one ViewController? Is it possible to ause more than one TableView in a page?

uitableview cell creation on scrolling

i am using uitableview and i am facing a problem in cellforrow delegate i use this code

Not able to resize UITableView programatically - IOS

I have added UITableView to a view, I want my application to work fine for both iPod 5th generation and lower versions(which is smaller in size), So I resized the table view height to its view height

UITableView scrolls choppy when the UITableViewCell is big

First, I know there are a few answers here on S.O. that addresses the choppy uitableview issue.

UITableViewCell not showing UILabel within

I have this code and it gives the result of the screenshot below. It's in the tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath: method. I don't know why the text above the bars isn't showing. Does anyone have any i...

How to improve performance while using UIWebView in cells of table view?

I am creating an application which uses a web service.And retrieves a list of users and there details like images, user id and there names.I displayed all the information related to users in table ...

UITableView (NOT using Navigation Template) or AppDelegate to DetailView

I'd like to display a Details view from a select row event on a UITableView sitting on a regular View. Somehow I imagine I could get the selectedIndex and for the Detail view I can have that value

Insanely basic UITableView & saving/loading data inquiry

Very sorry for the basic question but I've seen this implemented in so many (disparate) ways that I'm not certain what the accepted method might be.

sticky uitableview

i'm having a problem with uitableview when i scroll it up and down many times it becomes sticky and all the containing view becomes sticky too.

Reduce lag with UITableView and GCD

I have a UITableView consisting of roughly 10 subclassed UITableViewCells named TBPostSnapCell. Each cell, when initialised, sets two of its variables with UIImages downloaded via GCD or retrieved ...

NSMutableArray addObject not working uitableview

I am a beginning iPhone developer.

Why does an empty tableView check the number of sections but a non-empty one does not?

I have set up a demo application with a simple UITableViewController with no contents, but an 'Add' button in the toolbar. This launches a modal view controller which is again empty other than a 'c...

UITableView (not using Navigation Template) getting specific data from plist

I'm using the example on page 210 of Beginning iPhone Development (Exploring the iPhone SDK) book and it's similar to what I want to do but that specific example is complicated by using sections in...

UITableView with single row display - How to move another row to display area with animation?

I want to make a menu for my app like bottom menu of Camera+ app in itunes: (pic 2).

Controlling iOS UITableView

I've some experiences with creating an OS X app handling multiple user input with an array controller. The NSArrayController takes care of showing and updating an NSTableViews content. Adding, edi...

Dragging a tableview cell that contains uibuttons

I'm trying to implement a uitableview that its rows can be dragged to right and left (and show something behind them).

iphone development: using tableview cells as a button

Is that possible to use tableView cells like a button? In my app I want to have a table view which has 4 rows and in each row there will be labels. What I want is when I touch a row, the table tabl...

How can I change the background color of a UITableViewCell dynamically?

I have a variable that is going to keep track of how many cells need to be colored. So if that variable is 3, then the top three cells backgroundcolor will change. How can I do this?

iOS: button in UITableViewCell class to call method on main UIViewController

I have a UITableView on my MainViewController which has custom UITableCells defined in a CustomCell class. I need an UIButton, which is in my CustomCell class, to call a method in MainViewControlle...

How can i search data from tableview cell?

At first of all i have tried a lot to solve this problem but i am sorry!!! Now my problem is...

Shrink UITableView to accommodate another small UIView

I have a UITableView inside of a UIViewController.

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