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How do I use an Avro schema to validate JSON?

I'd like to know the feasibility of using an Avro schema to validate JSON that comes into my app. In this post, Doug Cutting suggests using the jsontofrag tool that comes with the avro-tools jar. ...

Nullable database property but texbox still shows red border when content deleted

Hi I am binding a WPF textbox to an Entity Framework property as follows:

Why does <h:inputText required=“true”> allow blank spaces?

When I set required="true" in a &lt;h:inputText&gt;, it still allows blank spaces. I have been trying to modify the jsf-api.jar but I could not understand how to generate new a JAR, so I tried to m...

Override data validation on one django form element

I have a select list dropdown box on my form that is populated with data from a Model (Directors). The value of this dropdown doesn't need to be saved; it is really only used to dynamically trigger

How to preview Zend_Mail's HTML code?

I'm creating a newsletter with dynamic content via Zend_Mail, however i want to validate the generated HTML code against W3C, is there a way to get the entire email code to be sent so I can grab it...

Can someone explain what this Email regex means


Is JSON validation a best practice?

Is it a best practice to validate JSON?

Validating email and password using javascript

I know its good to use serverside validation for security, except this is just to get my head around validation.

Validating Date Range Produced By jQuery UI DatePicker

I am using the date picker provided by jQuery UI to select a date range that ends up in a single text input with something like 11/11/2008 - 12/05/2008. What would you recommend as far a validation

jQuery Form Validation Working in Mozilla and Internet Explorer, but not in Chrome or Safari

I've taken an exact copy of an existing working Contact Form…

Script Element Between Head and Body. [closed]

When validating with W3C, I received the response:

ASP.NET: Custom client-side validator for “one of two fields must be filled”?

Can you tell me if there anybody has implemented a custom validator for checking that one of two (or N) input fields are filled?

How to reset qTip2 validation?

I have a form in an ASP.Net MVC project on which I am using qTip2 to display validation erros. On that form, I also have text fields that are activated/deacivated depending on choices made with radio

CodeMirror Dynamic Syntax Validation

Been trying to decide between using CodeMirror or Ace editor. I've been leaning towards CodeMirror, however there's one feature of Ace that I really like and that is how it does syntax validation. ...

Multi-language input validation with UTF-8 encoding

To check a user input english name is valid, I would usually match the input against regular expression such as [A-Za-z]. But how can I do this if multi-language(like Chinese, Japanese etc.) suppor...

“Required” validation attribute not working in mvc 3 while others work

I have a weird situation where I have created a separate validation class for my Entity object:

remove conversion validation message in struts 2 or make it general

In my struts2 application I have field named carrierNo that accepts integer, when i put string in it gives me this validation error message:

UI to indicate a “Partially-required” field in web form?

I have a set of radio buttons where a selection is required. In addition, there is an optional text box that shows up next to one of the selections.

Limiting to a Specific Set of Characters in Regex Not Working

I need to validate a string to allow only a specific set of characters using regex. Unfortunately, I am stuck using regex only for the validation of these strings.

JavaScript - check for numbers in a text field

It takes in the value of a textfield, Im trying to have it so if any numbers are in the field then il be able to stop it.

Executing validation with jquery.validate

I'm trying to learn / understand client-side validation with jquery.validate. Currently, I have a basic form defined as shown here:

Model validation Symfony2

I have read how to validate forms in server side with sf2. The solution is by using the Constraints in the Entity as annotations, validation.yml or inside the EntityType (Form).

ASP.NET: an UpdatePanel with a TextBox that need Validation

I have a situation that a textbox inside UpdatePanel that enter email needs to be validated with :

What is the best way to catch and show an error if user enters only whitespace in a form field in Django?

In Django 1.0, what is the best way to catch and show an error if user enters only whitespace (" ") in a form field?

Weird problem with Spring MVC, Bean Validation using @Valid and Hibernate

I have an application uses bean validation in 50 domain classes. It has worked for months without any problems using @Valid in the Spring MVC controllers.

Change associated textbox color with jquery on client validation

I want to use jquery to select an associated element's parent that is required and change the css class.

Can I validate and sanitize form data using jQuery? how so?

Are there any methods in jQuery to validate form data? What about sanitizing the form data?

Form validation errors in Rails 3

I have a form I built using Formtastic in Rails 3. The form submits to the #create action of ClientsController, and if the save is successful the controller redirects to a "thank you" page. If the ...

C# ErrorProvider Want to know if any are Active

I want to know if any ErrorProvider are active in my form.

Django: after form.is_valid check, cleaned_data is missing the image field

I have a form, with a bunch of fields, and then I have a:

Silverlight validation. Problem with email validation

I have text box and i want to validate is valid email in textbox on button "save" click.

i need a C# library about strict HTML validation and filtering

i need a C# library about strict HTML validation and filtering

How can I validate parameters without creating a separate dialog?

I'm going to make an application (in Swing) that uses a tree to visualize a data structure (JTree). A tree will be on the left side of a window. The user will be able to browse a tree. The paramet...

validate a state dropdownlist if the US is selected as a country in another dropdownlist

Need some advice I am trying to write a validator which only fires when a specific value in a dropdownlist is selected.

Page Refresh Only After Page Is Validated

Hi I wonder whether someone may be able to help me please.

Cannot use RequiredFieldValidator for CheckBoxList within datalist

I have a problem on using RequiredField Validator for CheckBoxList inside Datalist. I am using checkboxlist for poll options. I want the user to answer required poll questions. If user doesn't answ...

How do I prevent my form from submitting if one of the fields is blank (JSP)?

Below is my JSP file, and I was using a servlet to check if the fields are null, but apparently this needs to be done on the client side. How do I prevent the form from submitting when the submit b...

Official Twitter follow button code does not pass validator

I ran my website through Validator and it returned two errors, both of which relating to the official Twitter follow button code.

NHibernate validator or Fluent Validation?

I use NHibernate. I need to decide how validate domain entities. What do you recommend? Are there any troubles if use NHibernate with Fluent Validation?

javascript validation with an array

I wrote a javascript function to validate that the user input data is not empty. The function called "isNotEmpty()" identifies that the text box is empty. But however the main function returns a true

Radio button validation causing rest of validation to fail

The radio validation works but then the rest don't. What have I done wrong?

Wicket - IValidator not calling validate when TextField is empty

I have a class that implements the IValidator. I add this validator class to my TextField, and the overrided method validate(Invalidatable&lt;T&gt;) is called. However, if the TextFieldis empty, the

Changing text if a form has an error

I currently have a summary message at the top of my form, inviting my user to login. If the form does not validate on submit, I wish for this to then be replaced with the relevant error.

Form placement in a div

I tried to create a form that covers almost all of the content of my page. Since the input field is scattered, it verifies but still proceeds to the next page afterwards. I don't know what the prob...

JQuery Form Validation Error Placement

So, I basically want to do something like this: ...

MySQL Validate Email Records

I know you can use PHP Email Validate filters to check if the data is abc @ abc . ext

Validate a phone number?

What are the condition to validate a phone number?

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