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Is it ok to use directX for on demand rendering instead of rendering continually in a loop

I am currently writing and application to test human vision. As the program currently stands I am I using VB.Net and DirectX 9 to present a stimulus on the screen on demand. By on demand I simply m...

Login failed for user 'someone'

I work on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R1 and visual studio 2010.

Implementing timer states(Available,Busy,Away etc) in a chat application vb8

I am currently developing a chat application and am trying to include:

How to retrieve value from sqldatasource1 to textbox1 using

How to retrieve value from sqldatasource1 to textbox1 using ?

Special characters in HTML

I am trying to retrieve specific information from a European web site. Now, the problem is I am often facing strings containing special characters such as "ä". When I try to write same into a text ...

How to add WCF Web API with ASP.NET MVC 3 to existing VB.NET solution?

Im trying to implement this code: and want to add it to my existing VB.NET solution.

Regular Expression to get comments in VB.Net source code

I have a syntax highlighting function in I use regular expressions to match "!IF" for instance and then color it blue. This works perfect until I tried to figure out how to do comments.

StringBuilder.AppendLine() does not make a new line

I am generating an email when an error occurs. I am using StringBuilder.AppendLine() and StringBuilder.AppendLine(String) to build up the body of the email, however the body of my email appears as ...

How to iterate through each property of a custom object?

How can I go through each of the properties in my custom object? It is not a collection object, but is there something like this for non-collection objects?

Override usage of registered COM assembly

I have an old VB6 application that I'm moving into VB.Net, I also have a COM assembly that is referenced from the application.

Change version of word document programmatically?

I am dynamically generating a word file, and clicking the link opens the file save dialog and it says the document is a: Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 Document.

Sorting Gridview in Visual Basic

I am trying to sort a gridview in visual basic using the following method, however the second line of code (Dim dv as DataView...) throws a NullReferenceException. When I debug the code and step th...
9513 character replacement in strings

How fast can I replace characters in a string?
8522 - webbrowser get xml document

Hey, I have been trying to switch my code from using an ie object to using a built in webbrowser. Most of the properties are the same but I have run into an issue getting an xmldocument from a page.

.NET Regular Expressions in Infinite Cycle

I'm using .NET Regular Expressions to strip HTML code.

Can you visually edit the html / view part of a project using Mono Develop?

I have downloaded and installed the windows binary installer for Monodevelop.

VB.NET - Provide predefined creation settings in a class

I'm writing a theming class called FormTheme for a VB.NET form application. It contains colour scheme information that can be applied at runtime to form controls. Currently there are three ways to

Can't compile project - VB.Net - Fatal error BC2000 - Xamarin/MonoDevelop

Just downloaded Xamarin/MonoDevelop in order to create a VB.Net based cross-platform application.

How to determine if “object is IEnumerable” (C# syntax) in VB.NET?

I've seen a lot of posts for how to do this in C#, but I'm working in VB and they don't work and I can't seem to get them to convert. Anyone know this? C# is something like:

Detect chinese character in a string VB.NET

Is there a way to detect a Chinese character in a string which is build like this:

Is it possible to convert vb6 “Val()” to c#?

I am currently converting vb and to c# but have an issue. I would strongly like not to use the visualbasic dlls in the converted code and have been doing this fine so far.

How would you convert this to valid VB.NET?

I found an article on removing whitespace from my markup in ASP.NET MVC, however, when I use the code converter, the "function" is not properly converted

Is it possible to use BindingSource.find on multple columns?

Is it possible to use BindingSource.find on multple columns?

How can I stop resharper replacing correct code?

I have a project that is VB.Net and C# and resharper installed in our VS2012 environment.

If form is moving then

I need to alternate the value of a boolean var.. if form is moving then MyVariable to False and if form is not moving then MyVariable to True.

Any examples/tutorials on using Intel UPNP's VirtualDirectory Handler?

I've been working with the UPNP library from Intel in a VB.NET project and though the lack of documentation has made it hard (literally guessing what property/method I have to use in every line of ...

Call to LotusSession.GetDatabase works in VB but not in C#

I have some old VB code to send mails using Lotus Notes that works, I have re-written it into C#, but it behaves differently:

Compiler warning: null reference exception

I have the following code in Visual Studio 2005.

How to enable implicit line continuation in VBCodeProvider?

The following VB.NET code works when compiled from the Visual Studio:
4373 : Interop exception when showAllData() on Excel sheet?

I have some filters applied on my input excel sheets, so I decided to remove them using showAllData() method in

How do I use the find method of a datatable with a compound key?

I am working on a windows form application. How do i use the find method of a datatable to find a row if the datatable has a compound key?

Why would DropDownList.Text is return 0 when it is clearly an empty string?

I have a drop down list that I am binding to a record that clearly sets value=0, text=''

Android app won't return result from VB.NET WCF Service

here is my WCF server code (VB.NET)...

Is it possible to initialise a New System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary with String key/value pairs?

Is it possible to create and initialise a System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary object with String key/value pairs in one statement?

Cannot access a disposed object in instance

i have problem with my project, i have 2 form, 1 form with MDI container = true and 1 form is child form.

Why is the C# CreateObject so much more verbose than VB.NET?

I am looking to convert some VB6/COM+ code to C#/COM+

load xml file in a rich text box from a remote server to form

i have a windows app in , i am trying to read a xml file from my server( am able to read abc.xml . now i have a requirement to show abc.xml in a rich text bo...

VB.NET and ASP.NET DLL line numbers don't appear in production error logs

I can see line numbers in my error logs in our development environment, in which VB.NET 2005 and ASP.NET components are compiled in debug mode, with PDB files copied to the server on deployment.

Sort a dictionary by value

i was searching for a simple solution that i can use in sorting a dictionary by value, and i was not content with what i found, so i made up these two functions for sorting a dictionary ascending and

Twitter Bootstrap Buttons - Server Side code

I want to use a twitter bootstrap button and add a Button Click event to it in ASP.NET / VB.NET in my code behind. Obviously the difference between the twitter button is that it is just a HTML inpu...

app.config file mix up for .net app

I have a solution with 4 projects within that all interact with each other. Each project contains its own app.config file named as 'app.config' and may at times contain the same appsettings fields.

repeater control. find the table cell

i had kept repeater control inside Update panel. The control is having 4 columns. based on the value i have to show \ hide the 3rd column. the columns were placed inside table <tr> and <td...

How can I add a 'test service' page to a WCF Webservice in VB.Net

I am building a Web service using WCF as a way to provide access to data within my VB.Net application.

Why am I getting error 'not declared'?

I'm trying to show a DropDownList (cbb_conj_habitacional) if the selected value of another DropDownList (cbb_area_verde) equals 7... But, when I try this code, I get the following error:

Calculate the next anniversary date after today

What's the quickest/neatest way to calculate the next anniversary of someone's birthday.

Remove breakLine between td in sourceCode

Public Function GenerateHtmlReport(ByVal ResultDataset As System.Data.DataSet) As String Implements IValidation.GenerateHtmlReport

Displaying a Second Form in WPF

I have a main form and as sub form. I need the main Form to display the sub Form and pass into the constructor an object. When the sub Form is done it needs to destroy itself so the cycle can be

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