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How can I abort an InstallShield Setup depending on a vbscript custom action result?

I created a vbscript custom action which checks for some registry keys and alters them if neccessary. In case a key could not be written or something like that, the setup should be aborted.

VBScript Run/Exec setting environment once and reusing

Is there a way to have Run or Exec preserve the environmental variables after each call?

Best way to know if a user has administrative privileges from a VBScript

I need to check whether the user executing the script has administrative privileges on the machine.

How do I use VbScript to strip the first 4 characters of a string?

How do I use VbScript to strip the first 4 characters of a string?

Char ^= 0xB3 equivalent in VBScript

I have the following C++ code:

Search for registry key in all of the subkeys of a path

I want to find the key "Device Parameters' under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\IDE.

retrieve unicode using asp from sqlserver 2005

I'm using the following code to retrieve a message from the database and then write it out to a html page:

Draw graphs in VBscript

I have a HTML application, partially HTML, partially VBscript, disguised as a form. What it does is it opens a few local files, runs a DOS box containing GAWK and presents a text file as its result...

vbscrip: windows 2008 server fails to autologon

I am doing some automation work that requires several reboots. I am trying to allow my server to auto logon with the admin account. I can get it working locally, but when I try to do it as a member...

Why is the indexer on my .NET component not always accessible from VBScript?

I have a .NET assembly which I am accessing from VBScript (classic ASP) via COM interop. One class has an indexer (a.k.a. default property) which I got working from VBScript by adding the following

Classic ASP looping through array

I think I'm very close, but it's just not there yet.

How does garbage collection work in JavaScript?

How does garbage collection work in JavaScript? Is it similar to .NET garbage collection? And is it because the implementation of garbage collection in VBScript is bad that people avoided it and

Converting text file to html

I have a plain text file that looks like this -

Constantly look for file, when file exist, run command

I need a vbscript that monitors a folder for a specific file, when file is found it needs to execute a command then delete that file but continue to monitor the folder again for the same file incas...

how to traverse through the DOM object?

i need to traverse through the dom object and display the text in it without any duplicates.

Script to change users manually mapped drives to a new server with new server name

I have several hundred users whom each have manually mapped drives to a variety of locations/ folders on a file server.

vbs script to change shortcuts working in 7 but not in XP

I'm trying to write a script that will update desktop shortcuts in WinXP and Win7 (32 and 64bit). I'm having 2 problems, in XP, the target path of the shortcut won't change, and in both XP and 7, ...

FileSystemObject moves a file even when is being copied over FTP

I have a program that checks periodically for new files, and then process them.

Way to change Windows (7) monitors settings via script

i bought a new TV mainly as second monitor to my PC and I often need to change settings (extend display for movies, duplicate display for gaming, disable for work'n'browsing).

VB6 regular expression for whitespace remover in HTML

I'm trying to run this regular expression [\s]+(<)|(>)[\s]+

VBScript chr() appears to return wrong value

I'm trying to convert a character code to a character with chr(), but VBScript isn't giving me the value I expect. According to VBScript, character code 199 is:

I want my optical mouse to jitter a little

The reason I want my mouse to jitter is so I don't get locked out of a computer. I have two computers in my cube and I switch back and forth between them all day long. I am getting sick of putting ...

Script to create a follow up action on an email message in Outlook

I get two messages everday. The second message must arrive within 3.5 hours; if not, I have to start figuring out what went wrong with the second process that kept that email from getting sent.

Is there a way to easily take 3 text files and turn it into a multi-tab excel sheet via script?

Is there a way to easily take 3 text files and turn it into a multi-tab excel sheet via script?

Working with date ranges (Classic ASP and SQL)

I have to implement a solution where two date ranges can overlap each other. within the overlapped dates, I have to count how many days overlap each other. Once I know the overlapped days I can cal...

How do I include a common file in VBScript (similar to C #include)?

VBScript doesn't appear to have a way to include a common file of functions.

What's the proper way to call VBScript from Firefox?

I'd like to be able to call a vbscript from Firefox that resides on network share. Thus it is visible to all my team members at work. Using:

How to find the setup location in an VBScript custom action for InstallShield?

In an InstallShield project I have a VBScript custom action that conditionally needs to execute a certain file packaged with the install.

ASP Form Recipient Error

I have a form that when filled out and submitted, works fine. When the recipient replies to the sender though, the email actually goes to him instead of the intended party.

Running SQL command with powershell issue

I have the following powershell command i have converted from VB script:

Configuring ASP.NET Application Settings with VBScript/WMI

I have a legacy website creation script written in VBScript which configures a number of virtual directories on the default web site using WMI. I now have a requirement to configure the virtual

Visual Basic Fill Array with simple number set

I need to fill an array with numbers 1-50, and I currently have the code:

Add child entry to a specific node in xml file in vbscipt

I have an xml file DataConfiguration.xml with this entry

How to caculate last business day of month in VBScript

How do I caculate the last business day of month in VBScript. It is for a Reporting Services report.

Incorrect syntax was used in a comment

Please consider this kind of XHTML document:

QTP/VBScript Syntax of constructor call

Not using QTP myself, but trying to answer this question, I desperately need to know, whether this valid VBScript:

parsing urls from windows batch file

I have a text file (myurls.txt) whose contents are a list of URLs as follow:

Copy XLS values into text file which contains content

I have an existing text file created in a certain format, so that my VBS program can read it and use the file as a data store to validate the similar values in my application.

How can a webpage react to Information Bar

To facilitate uploading on our web application we install/load an ActiveX control on the upload page. People don't realise the information bar is asking them to install this control. How do I set u...

How do you call a method from a variable in ASP Classic?

For example, how can I run me.test below?

A vbscript to find windows version name and the service pack

What's the simplest way to find out which version of Windows, and which service pack, is running on a computer with VBScript?

Recordset close and set to nothing one-liner

I remember there was a shorthand syntax that was commonly used to close the recordset and set it to nothing in one line it used a syntax like

Get visitor country info using classic ASP 3.0

I need to get visitors country information using classic asp 3.0, i'm using below code but it returns me XX instead of country name. any suggestions/help on this.

Is there a direct funtion to count numbers inside a string?

I have a string that contains digits inside. For example, "adf20j83n,m3jh2k9". Is there a direct way to count the number of digits inside the string. As in my example, it should give me "7" as an o...

VbScript MSMQManagement - get message count

Can anyone help me with the question.