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Content Defined in Class Library doesn't transfer during ClickOnce Deployment

I have a WinForms, C# solution that uses ClickOnce deployment that is causing some trouble with resource files. In short, files marked as Content in class library project do not get copied to the o...


I am working on the visual studio c++ and using these lines in my program.

Conditionally exclude project creation in a multi-project Visual Studio project template

I have a multi-project Visual Studio project template. I want to be able to, conditionally, exclude specific projects from the created solution.

Cannot connect to named instance of SQL Server 2008R2

I am attempting to create a new Database Project in VS2010 via the New Project Wizard, and via this article:

How to change the Resgen command line in a VS.NET project?

Having an issue with a ResGen call during a build of a .NET 2.0 project from within Visual Studio .NET 2010, this thread suggests:

Visual Studio 2010 keeps crashing?

I have a serious problem with our VS2010 with SP1. It is all the time crashing. I open it and 10 secs later I get crash and restart.

Post-Build Events Output Path for Projects and Deployment Project

I am working on a program that needs to have each exe signed before being packaged in the MSI deployment project. I've tried using VS2010's Signing tools ("Sign the Assembly"), but the key file doe...

interrogate the Data in Lync 2010?

I developed a seat plan website - it uses the Lync SDK to pull back user details - (i.e. when a name is clicked on the map it passes the name into the Search box and then lists the person in the re...

How to change ipch path in Visual Studio 2010

I saw that VS2010 creates some files in the solution folder(.sdf, .suo, .ipch, etc). Is it possible to change the folder where these files are created?

Why would DropDownList.Text is return 0 when it is clearly an empty string?

I have a drop down list that I am binding to a record that clearly sets value=0, text=''

register eventhandler for Office 2013 event in vs 2010 by reflections in C#

I have an Outlook 2010 Add-In project written in C# using Visual Studio 2010.

How to compile for Arduino in Visual Studio?

I am using Visual Studio to create a small Arduino sketch. I want to upload the sketch to my Arduino Uno board. How do I compile and upload to the Uno using Visual Studio?

c++ std::vector.insert crashes on debug but works on release

My program crashes on this line but only in debug build, it works fine in release build.

Location of EntityFramework T4 templates

When you do database-first or model-first (EDMX) in EntityFramework, I believe Visual Studio generates code off T4 templates, I would like to create a new out of the default and throw some customiz...

Search project for where class is instantiated

Is there a tool in visual studio 2010 to scan a project and find out where a specific class is instantiated?

Silverlight Unit Test Framework Rerun Tests

Ok, maybe this is a really dumb question and I'm just not seeing the button...but how do I rerun checked tests in the SL Unit Testing application UI?

C# visual studio using resource files

What I'm trying to do is adding two image files into the solution, so they will be compiled into the .exe, so I can load them right there instead of from an absolute path on the computer. I believe I

Visual Studio 2010 and Moss 2007 issues

Here is the scenario: My dev environment is a Windows 2003 virtual server, MOSS2007, VS 2008, SQL2005, .net Framework 3.5, Ajax 2.0.

Windows Forms C# Tool location is not same

I'm developing an windows forms application using .NET C# and so far all code related are just fine. But, I got some UI trouble. I have this gauge that I'm using in the UI for displaying a connection

Remove breakLine between td in sourceCode

Public Function GenerateHtmlReport(ByVal ResultDataset As System.Data.DataSet) As String Implements IValidation.GenerateHtmlReport

Easily build a different branch of the same C# project (VS2010/TFS)

I'd prefer to solve this using a Team Build/build definition, but I'm open to other solutions.

Access Database C#

I want to have some tips. I have worked on SQL databases in c# but i am developing a new small level application that only has to store some contact numbers so i planed for access because SQL will be

Ambiguity between Static and Instance Code

I have two items in my class: One is a public property, and the other is a static method that takes a parameter.

C#/WPF: LineGeometry with nested UI Elements

I am having problems using LineGeometry for drawing a path between two simple shapes nested in canvas elements.

ViewModel support in Portable Class Library

I am trying out the PCL in a VS 2010 project in which I would like to support WPF (4 and higher) and Silverlight (4 and higher). The MS documentation excerpt below is confusing to me.

Calling .net4 from SSIS

We've done some work on a .net 4.0 project, and are now looing into using SSIS for some tasks. As SSIS is not supported in VS2010, as far as I can see, I'm sort of ok with using VS2008 for SSIS. Bu...

Design View on SharePoint Project Visual Studio 2010

Hi I am creating an application page for SharePoint 2010

Play User's Songs using Silverlight

Does anyone have a working (tested) example of code to play an audio file from isolated storage. The code I currently have, which doesn't throw an exception or make any sound, is:

Microsoft Visual Studios 2010 - creating a new project in regular C

I'm relatively new to VS (only used it once before for a simple project) and all I want to do is create a new C file for my project. When I go to add file to the project I created, the only available

BindingSource.Filter ignoring one of my conditions

I have a BindingSource filter with multiple conditions. The reason for that is so I could have a single search_textbox to find a specific record...

AnkhSVN - managing VS *projects* not *solutions*

I work on several different software projects and I started building up some generic libraries with utilitarian functions that I use in all of them. Recently I had three or four projects going at o...

Where to put content, in Installer project (WiX) or in code project

So I see two solutions to my current problem, but I was wondering what the pros and cons are, or if there is a defacto best practices approach.

How to add x64 (or Any CPU) as a build option in Visual Studio 2010 (from console application to class library)

Initially, I created a console application using Mass Transit as my service bus. Recently, I switched to NServiceBus, which doesn't require you to make a console application, but a class library in...

For VS2010 (C++) what causes the long delay between clicking on “Build” and when the build actually starts?

I have a simple one-project solution in C++. From the IDE I click on Build Solution and it takes 40 seconds before anything happens. Then 17 seconds to actually do the compiling and linking. If I c...

VS2010 “No tests were impacted”

I have a TFS build in VS2010. Following the build unit tests are executed. In the Build summary it tells me that "1 test run(s) completed - 100% average pass rate" but below this it states "No test...

How to find out what type of project I have in Visual Studio 2010

Someone sent me a project and I want to create the same type of project (like... WCF Application or Portable Service Class). I've looked around Visual Studio 2010 and don't see any obvious place wh...

Razor template editing in Visual Studio 2010: why all the type inference errors?

I have a strongly-typed view with a @model declaration:

Is it possible to get VS 2010 to build before running tests

I have a Class Library project in Visual Studio 2010 that I want to test. I have created a seperate Test project in the same solution to test it. The Test project references the Class Library proje...

License.licx File and Licensed/Unlicensed machines

In a VS2010 solution I have a license.licx file that contains:

How to build a specialized installer in VS2010?

I'm looking to build a specialized msi installer, preferably with VS2010 to do the following:

Checking Visual Studio code into source control - what do I need to check in?

I have a new project written in Visual Studio 2010, and I have checked all of the code and the project files into our source control system, however checking the code out and doing a build via MSBu...

Strange behavior in C++ constructor\destructor

I was playing with C++ class constructor function by using it recursively to print "trauth table". Everything was seem to be normal until I decided "why not using destructor too recursively?". When I

unresolved external symbol with template implementation on VS2010

i just built a template implementation of my boost network.

Template type is not “seen” by the compiler inside a lambda

template<typename Wcf, typename Wdb>

Save/Use images without allocating 300mb memory

I am building a windows project in .net 4.0 c#.

Reducing template complexity in C++

Recently, I've been using one of the lesser-used STL features- custom allocators, and I need some serious help in reducing my semantic overhead. Take for example, the definition of an unordered map,

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