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How do I use luasocket from my VS C++ project, either find luasocket.h from LuaForWindows or build LuaSocket for Lua 5.2

I had installed Lua 5.1 using LuaForWindows, but I don't see luasocket.h in what was installed, so it appears I can't use that from my Visual Studio C++ project.

Alternatives to Windows Phone 8 Emulator

I have a computer with Windows 8 Enterprise (Evaluation) and an Intel Q8300 CPU (which does not support SLAT as far as I know).

When adding new C# projects in Visual Studio, additional configurations are not created automatically

I have a Visual Studio C# solution which I have added a new solution configuration to.

How to control thread lifetime using C++11 atomics

Following on from this question, I'd like to know what's the recommended approach we should take to replace the very common pattern we have in legacy code.

MSVC2012 - does it have 10 toolset?

I need to compile some CUDA code with MSVC2010 but I might consider buying MSVC2012 instead of MSVC2010 if I can switch toolset to 10 from MSVC2012 options.

Windows 8 - Custom Live Tile

We are developing an app for Windows 8 in C#.

Strange issue with strcspn in Visual Studio 2012

I have this strange issue with strcspn() in Visual Studio 2012.

LNK4006, LNK4221 warnings when using static library that includes another static library

I'm trying to use static library that include other static libraries.

What can I do about loading this resource into a unit testing DLL?

I just ported all of my tests from Google Test to Visual Studio 2012's unit test framework. (Long story; Google's assertions are better but Microsoft's works with the Dev11 Unit Test Explorer out o...

Can't locate Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word in Reference List

I was given this solution to a problem I had, since I didn't know how to integrate MS Word with C#:

The type or namespace name '“Namespace”' could not be found in the global namespace (are you missing an assembly reference?)

I am trying to build my project by referencing private project using VS2012, it builds successfully on local machine, but I am trying to use Team Foundation Service (Visual Studio Online), and the ...

load test debugging is not working

I have a load test (using VS2012). The problem is that debug is not working (it just runs without hitting any breakpoints), and stack traces for exceptions are not available (it shows only "-" in the

Calling base constructor after body of current constructor

I am customizing one of the code generating templates for my Telerik OpenAccess ORM library. Due to business rules, I am having to put my user name and password to connect to the database in a config

How to step over (skip debugging) concrete assembly in Visual Studio 2012

In my solution I have sources of Message Transport assembly. When debugging I would like to skip stepping into hairy sources of this assembly, but still I need to step into handler methods, which it

MSSQL Connection from IIS7

VS is a pain in the ass.

VS2012 Breakpoints are not getting hit

I have a class that looks like this:

Windows phone 8.0 error 0x89371B01 when trying to deploy app

I cant find information on this error anywhere. I am connecting to a brand new lumia icon (AKA lumia 929). Dev account is registered. I have attempted:

What's the official name for pop up window that opens up near tags

I am writing a documentation and I am not sure whats the proper term for this small window.

Why jslint restrict number of characters in a line?

Some projects I'm working on have a jslint rule that restrict the number of characters in a line(usually is 100 characters). In some situation, it makes my javascript code look so ugly, but I believe

Code Coverage files merging using code in VS 2012 Dynamic Code Coverage

I have generated some coverage files using VS 2012 Dynamic Code Coverage tool.

WPF vs Silverlight in designing sound analysis and editing application (I'm new to .Net)

I want to create a Windows Desktop App with C#. I'm fairly new to .Net and not so bright in software development whatsoever, but I'm keen to learn, and do it with ambitious project. I installed Vis...

How to use ViewModels in Edit Action?

I would like to get into the habit of using ViewModels.

How do I add a backslash after every character in a string?

I need to transform a literal filepath (C:/example.txt) to one that is compatible with the various WinAPI Registry functions (C://example.txt) and I have no idea on how to go about doing it.

Visual Studio 2012 killed my WCF service reference

I have no idea what on earth happened. I upgraded a project that I had in visual studio 2010 to visual studio 2012 and now the service reference is not recognized in either of them!

Retargeting solution from .Net 4.0 to 4.5 - how to retarget the NuGet packages?

I have migrated a solution that is currently targeting .NET 4.0 in VS2010 to VS2012 and now I would like to re-target it to .Net 4.5

Install Visual studio 2013 Error in Windows 7

I am trying to install visual studio 2013 express in Windows 7(Home premium) Laptop and it gives me the following error message and don't let me install this.

Entity Framework Power Tools not work

I have a problem: I can't generate POCO from database with Entity framework Power Tools Beta 4 in my project.

Third-Party DLL I am not allowed to distribute

Say I have a Visual Studio Project that references a libary XYZ.dll. I am not able to distribute that dll but I know that many people have a license for it.

Installed VS 2010 after 2012 and MSbuild paths to target file for web publish is incorrect now

I had a working build script locally that I could build and publish a VS 2012 WebApplication project with just fine until I installed Visual Studio 2010, I don't get seem to get any real errors but...

Change color of smart tag

Smart tags are almost impossible to see when using the dark theme on visual studio 2012. how do i change the color of smart tags.

What's the wrong in the following function test code?

I wanted a program that test the output of a specific function,

Create a mouse hover effect in buttons using XAML

I am making a Windows 8 store app, and I want a HyperlinkButton that changes its color whenever it is clicked or mouse is hovered over it. Please provide me with its whole coding. I have looked

VS2012 Winform designer error

I keep getting the error "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute".

System.OutOfMemoryException when packaging/publishing Azure project

I've been trying to package/publish my Azure project for awhile now (but to no avail). I've tried the following:

Cannot create ASP.NET MVC projects in Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web

I have downloaded and installed Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web but I am unable to create any ASP.NET MVC projects, as there are no ASP.NET project options. Is there a separate download or somet...

Display XPath of current element when editing XML document in Visual Studio

Is there an extension/add-in or feature of Visual Studio that will display the XPath expression for the current element when editing an XML document?

Malformed output when converting string to char* in C++

I've got a function that splits up a string into various sections and then parses them, but when converting a string to char* I get a malformed output.

Count Value For Conditionals

I am trying to count the number of instances in which the logged in users ID exists in the table AUTHORIZED_USERS. The value I'm looking for is found in the UNAME field and is a string that contain...

accumulatedweight throws cv:Exception error

I am new to OpenCV and trying to find contours and draw rectangle on them, here's my code but its throwing cv::Exception when it comes to accumulatedweighted().

vs2012 doesn't pass /projectconfig to dependencies?

TLDR; devenv appears to build dependencies with whatever config/platform was last selected in the GUI, rather than what /projectconfig says. Ideas?

TFS build Xap packaging failed because it is being used by another process

I am responsible over managing our automated builds and recently we have moved two silverlight based web applications into the same solution. Now about half the time when we build through the build

Show changeset # next to filename

How can I configure VS 2012 to show the changeset number when comparing two changesets?

linker error with trying to create a direct x 11 window

I have been trying to work with DirectX 11 for a while now, first I had Visual Studio 2010 with windows 7 and ran into the SDK bug when it's not creating the Direct3D device. So I uninstalled the S...

Provide credentials to MSBuild publish step that uses FileSystem deployment in TeamCity

I work in a dev environment where the computers aren't part of a domain. I'm trying to set up TeamCity 8.05 on one of the computers to publish check-ins to a test server for our QA team. I've got it

Using async without await

I'd like to make a function async, so I simply add async like this:

Visual Studio 2012 InstallShield LE .NET Framework 4.5 Prerequisites

We have an application that was built using Visual Studio 2010 targeting the .NET Framework 4.0. We are upgrading the application to use .NET Framework 4.5 and is being written with Visual Studio 2...

The option to “Administer Test Controllers” is not available on the Test menu in Visual Studio 2012

I have installed Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 RC Version 11.0.50522.1 RCREL onto Windows 8 RP on a Virtual Machine running Hyper-V on Server 2012 RC DataCenter.

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