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Visual Studio Performance Choice - ESXi or Vista?

Following on from my earlier question, I have today ordered a 300GB VelociRaptor and 8GB of RAM for my home development rig (ASUS P5N-E with an E6600 chip).

Is there an inverse of System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute?

Is there an analogous conditional-not-present attribute or maybe a way to use the Conditional attribute to only include a method if that symbol is not defined?

Visual Studio 2005 not building solutions

I have a solution with about 20 projects (that use Devexpress controls) in and when I do a normal solution build (ctrl-shift-B) it says everything is completed sucessfully when in actualy fact it has

LINQ to SQL: Multiple / Single .dbml per project?

I've read Rick Strahl's article on Linq to SQL DataContext Lifetime Management hoping to find some answers on how I would manage my .dbml files since they are so closely related to DataContext.

How to attach to process using VC6 on win 2003?

The 'attach to process' dialogue box on VC6 running on win 2003 (I believe vista as well) has no processes to attach to in it... I've tried logging on as an administrator and running as an administ...

.NET Regular Expressions in Infinite Cycle

I'm using .NET Regular Expressions to strip HTML code.

The type or namespace 'Mvc' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Web'

I recently installed VS.NET 2012 and moved my ASP.NET MVC 4 project over. However, on building the solution I get hundreds of errors with :

Conflicting Errors in Visual Studio (C++)

I have a function "PrintHeader" for my project, defined in io.cpp. Even though io.h is included in my main file, I get the error

Visual Studio .NET 2003 - Ignore Specific Library for libcmt vs libcmtd

I have a template VS .NET 2003 project, which colleagues copy and customise when developing their software.

How to count the number of rows and display it

I am working on a desktop application that returns list of tables that have foreign keys in a datagrid by this function.

What is the best alternative IDE to Visual Studio

As I've only ever used Visual Studio for .NET development, I would like to expand my horizons and see what else there is on offer as an alternative to it. So what in your opinion is the best altern...

what is the meaning of these linker errors?

I wish I could ask "What libraries do i need to link" but it's quite specific (wwise engine integration), so I need help in working it out myself. The problem occurs when I attempt to create a vari...

Remove File Menu Toolbar from Visual Studio (Menu Bar)

To increase working space and remove unused items from the Toolbar area, I would like to remove the File/Edit/View/etc toolbar (aka the Menu Bar) from the top of Visual Studio (2008 and 2010) (I do...

what is the diff between dependencies and manually add a dll/ocx in vs installer 6?

i'm using vs installer to build a setup package for my vb6 app.

How to view load test reports by individual request in Visual Studio Team edition

When performance testing a web site using the Load Web Test of Visual Studio one gets a summary of the results. Useful measures are shown, like the average response time, maximum response time etc....

How to use makefiles in Visual Studio?

I heard a lot about makefiles and how they simplify the compilation process. I'm using VS2008. Can somebody please suggest some online references or books where I can find out more about how to d...

Visual Studio falsely reports Web Deploy provider not installed (SQL Azure)

When attempting to deploy to SQL Azure with Update database enabled in the Publish Web dialog I get the following error:

Why use SSL for the NuGet repository?

We had an issue with our automated build machine yesterday. We are using a TFS Build server, and when it tried to automatically download NuGet packages, we got the infamous "The underlying connecti...

How can I toggle word wrap in Visual Studio.NET?

Does Visual Studio .NET have a way to toggle word-wrap on and off?

Can't install Mono for Android for Visual Studio

When i try and install Mono for Android it won't install the plugin for Visual Studio. I have Visual Studio Ultimate 2010. Also when reading the installer log it shows an error when downloading the

Generate WebService producer from WSDL in Visual Studio 2005

I have a WSDL file defining the interface for a web service and I want to implement that service (i.e. producer/server code) using C#, ASP.Net and Visual Studio 2005. Setting up a Web Reference as

Easily build a different branch of the same C# project (VS2010/TFS)

I'd prefer to solve this using a Team Build/build definition, but I'm open to other solutions.

Setting file version number in Visual Studio 2005 C++

Can anyone point me in the right direction how to configure Visual Studio 2005 with our C++ console project how we can include a 'File Version' in the details section of the file properties.

Where does Visual Studio look for C++ Header files?

I checked out a copy of a C++ application from SourceForge (HoboCopy, if you're curious) and tried to compile it. Visual Studio tells me that it can't find a particular header file. I found the f...

detect windows jpeg icon

How can I detect the icon in use by windows for jpeg pictures depending on the Windows OS version (XP,,vista,7) ? by detection I mean finding the location of it and being able of using the icon fi...

Drag and drop .cs files not using “Add As Link” in Visual Studio

Is there a way to use add-as-link when dragging and dropping source files or entire source trees into a C# project?

C#/WPF: LineGeometry with nested UI Elements

I am having problems using LineGeometry for drawing a path between two simple shapes nested in canvas elements.

debug a gridview object like you can with a datatable

Is it possible to debug a gridview object like you can with a datatable. By this I mean adding a watch to the object then see the data visually?

Prefix headers in other IDEs than Xcode

The prefix header functionality in Xcode comes in handy quite often and I was wondering if other IDEs provide a similar functionality? Or is there even a way on compiler level?

visual c++ 2008: no .dll and .lib files generated

I am trying to create a .dll and .lib from a project so that I can link to it from a different project, but I am having trouble actually generating the dll and the lib. I tried with the very general

Realign namespace definitions with file structure

Like all developers with OCD I try to organise my namespaces within our project so that they match where the file they are contained within sits of disk.

VS2008 Missing C/C++ Header Files

So, I'm working on some network programming in C, and it would seem that I am missing a bunch of standard C/C++ header files. For example, sys/socket.h is not there. A few otheres are missing too l...

Newbie: How to execute MyData.edmx.sql

I've created a simple Entity Framework model-first app in VS 2012 by creating an MVC 4 project and adding a single data entity using the designer.

Switching between different coding styles in Visual Studio

I'm developing two separated C++ projects in Visual Studio (2010 mostly, 2008 sometimes). The problem is the first project uses tabs for code blocks indenting, the second one doesn't (spaces are us...

Is it possible to detect GDI leaks from the Visual Studio debugger?

Leaking GDI objects can be seen from the task manager or from Process Explorer. (Well you don't see the leaks, but you can see if object uasage count continually goes up.)

Debug and Release Assembly Refrences in XAML

In a XAML namespace declaration, is there a way to disambiguate differently named assemblies depending on your current configuration?

What's the best way to develop local using PHP and Visual Studio?

I am taking my first foray into PHP programming and need to configure the environment for the first time. Can I use PHP with the built in VS web server or do I need to (and I hope not) use IIS loca...

Auto Uninstall WinRT App after Debugging Stopped

I want to automatically uninstall a WinRT app after it has finished debugging. Is this possible?

Automate “Attach to Process” in VS2005/2008

I was wondering if anyone knew of a macro or keyboard shortcut or anything really that would automate Attaching to a Process within visual studio?

Multi-lingual projects in Visual Studio

Would anyone know if there are plans or extensions to Visual Studio to allow for multi-lingual projects?

What are your favorite, but less obvious, Visual Studio 2008 tips and tricks?

The nuance of the question is what are the features of the Visual Studio environment, that not everyone knows about, that you have come to depend on and that you would like others to know about.

Mac and Windows difference header path (/ vs \)

I have a Windows project that also works on XCode. But I had to changed all the source header paths like

Template type is not “seen” by the compiler inside a lambda

template<typename Wcf, typename Wdb>

Are there any drawbacks to having 1 solution per project

We are working on a big application, comprising around 100 projects (40 views, 40 controllers/models, 20 Utilities libraries). We have outsourced the bulk of the work and the deliverables come in f...

Visual Studio Diagramming Dependencies

I would like my dependencies (association, inheritance, etc) represented as non-orthogonal lines. How do I turn off the ortho-snap that is provided by default?

Linker option for multi-project solution

Good day to you all. There's one question I'd like to ask you.

Visual studio find and replace - Add carriage return, OR Newline

In the case of following string to be parsed.

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