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WCF Cache vs. Page.Cache

I've got two different, but closely related ASP.Net web applications that use the same data on some pages. In both applications I am using the ObjectDataSource control, have EnableCaching="true", a...

WCF services not working on the server

WCF service is not working on the server. I am getting following error

Alternative to ASP.NET Ajax framework in aspx front end

I'm developing some CRUD screens for retrieving/updating various items using .NET 3.5 and aspx forms. I am using a WCF service to connect to the back end which is Oracle. I want to use Ajax but I'd

queue on WCF web service - can you implement something like a background task

I have a service that does image processing on an image supplied by the client.

Using FsrmQuotaManager with a WCF service

I'm using a WCF service that is running on an IIS 7.5 (W2k8 R2). I use this service for getting quota information about the space of a specified web site on the same IIS.

Implement Repository Pattern in Asp.Net MVC with SOA architecture

We have starting new project in our company. We finalize the architecture as follows

SQL Server Database File and WCF

I have a WCF Service that exposes a method GetCustomers(). The internals of the method uses a Data Layer along with a Business Layer to return a List of Customers. Currently I am using an SQL Server

How to trace WCF message size?

I'm fooling around with WCF, and would like to see how many messages I send/receive, and how large these messages are.

WCF - can't get Identity.UserName inside service

I'm trying to make a WP7 app which has to interact with WCF service.

The authentication scheme ' NTLM' is not supported and other issues migrating from .asmx to wcf

I just switched my .asmx web service to WCF (both in .NET 3.5), and now I am getting

How to call WCF Service on Local Machine

We have an environment where multiple WCF services are hosted on a single VM and (multiple VM in) server farm behind a fire wall. There are certain services that make calls to other services. Curre...

Parallelization in WCF

I create WCF service with Spring.NET framework. This service is math service

WCF service is unavailable after app pool recycles

I'm working on a website that consumes a WCF service hosted in a different app pool, and every time the WCF service's app pool recycles I get a 503 when I'm using the website:

Best practices for validating wcf endpoint on client with/without SSL/TLS

I tried to catch all exception of wcf sercue with/without SSL/TLS or endpoint, something like this:

using foreach statement on a serializable dictionary

I have a serializable dictionary that I created for a WCF REST web service

How do you wait/join on a WCF Web Service called from Silverlight?

If you call a web service from Silverlight like this:

Using SSL with WP7, WCF service and Azure

I'm trying to connect to my azure WCF service using an SSL certificate. I've seen a good few tutorials talking about changing the 'binding' properties in the web.config file but the tutorial I foll...

Android app won't return result from VB.NET WCF Service

here is my WCF server code (VB.NET)...

Model Tracking In Entity Framework

We were using Microsoft WCF Web Services and Entity Framework ORM in our project.

How to add a default endpoint behaviors to all services

I'm attempting to add an endpoint behavior to all services of a host.

WCF services couldn't read configuration file

I have created some WCF services in class library.

WCF call needs to receive a GENERIC param that can receive a list of different “Types”

What is the recommended way to provide a WCF call that has a "Generic" param... something like this.

RESTful web service returning XML not JSON

I have this simple web service, right now it just looks to see if the part number is A123456789 and then it returns a model number. This will be replaced by logic that will be connecting into a dat...

In WCF, should you have large MaxBufferPoolSize value for large messages?

For this WCF service I have developed, I have to set MaxReceivedMessageSize to 5MB. My current problem is figuring out whether it is better to have a larger MaxBufferPoolSize value, like 5MB, or re...

How can I add a 'test service' page to a WCF Webservice in VB.Net

I am building a Web service using WCF as a way to provide access to data within my VB.Net application.

Best books and tools for testing wcf services

Hello all i am a beginner to wcf services what are the best books and tools for testing web services ?

NetTcpBinding and Windows 7 firewall

I have an wcf winforms self-hosted app using nettcpbinding.(net.tcp://

Can using self-signed certificates with WCF be secure?

Imagine for a moment that we're using classic asymmetric encription with WCF (private/public key pairs). Obviously it's secure until private keys aren't stolen. We don't need any trust chains between

WCF Exposing Metadata or having the client implement the interface?

What are the pro / cons to having the client consume a WCF service either via adding a reference to the service (and basically everything is generated for you) or having the client implement a shared

How to pass object to RESTful Service with GET request?

I have seen some posts in stackoverflow saying "sending list of items in the GET Method, is NOT allowed. It has to be accomplished via POST method only"

ASP.NET: Web Service or WCF for simple ajax call?

I just want to simply call a method on my web service via ajax and have it return a value.

WCF JSON Return Service should return Single Escape Sequence

What i am doing for changing html codes to JavaScript escapes is :

Should i share pipe proxy instance?

I have one proxy endpoint net.pipe://localhost/PipeConsole and one communication interface.

Do you use enum types in your WCF web services?

I've heard some people saying that enums are evil and shouldn't be used in web services because of the mismatches that could occur between the server and the client if some values are assigned, or ...

WCF 4 close client proxy

In the old days (.net framework 3.5) we need to be careful to close the WCF client proxies.

WCF: Best practice to send Form Data to a Web Service?

We are using C#, ASP.NET & WCF. I am trying to send form data to a web service which in turn inserts/updates a database with the data from my form. How should I send over my data?

WCF Service Proxy throws exception when more than one parameter is used in method

I have a WebServiceHost that is being used to host some web services in a console app. I added a service reference to it in my client app and create the proxy like so:

(WCF) .svc call returning the wrong mime type (works locally, not in production)

So I've been developing an app on my dev box for a while and it's time to put it in production. My Service has a method which returns Xml.

WCF Web Service: Upload a file, Process that file, Download that processed file back

I can handle the process that file part, but before I go crazy, has someone built a simple wcf service & client (running under windows services or IIS) that I can use to upload a file, and down...

Error handling with Javascript-enabled WCF?

Is there documentation on how to use the callback functions in a WCF Service that is exposed to Javascript? I'm interested in getting information from the FailureCallback as to why my method isn't

Does WCF Run the session on more than one thread?

I have a wcf service (hosted in IIS) that is setup to use sessions. It seems to work. When Application_PostAcquireRequestState is called I have a session ID.

Downside to using two WCF services instead of one with callback?

I've got a client/server setup that I am implementing using a WCF Service (NetTcpBinding). The setup is such that the client basically sends a few commands and instructions to the server (mostly on...

Can I use INotifyPropertyChanged in WCF?

In my WPF app, I call a WCF service to retrieve my business object. I take that business object and bind it to a grid. I want to now apply the INotifyPropertyChanged attribute, but am unsure if it

Passing Interface in a WCF Service?

I'm experimenting with WCF Services, and have come across a problem with passing Interfaces.

Windows Phone 7 - Cookies not sent to WCF service

I have a bunch of WCF services at a domain:

Avoiding “An Activity can only get the location of arguments which it owns.”

This is a follow-up question to Setting internal properties in composite WF4 Activities at design time.

Does not return in a json format but instead in a xml format

I got issue in my wcf service library because I already set the webMessegeFormat to JSON format,

WCF method parameter order

In my WCF web service, I have the following interface:

Creating newsletter in silverlight

For my silverlight project I'm creating a newsletter which can be send through a certain page.

WCF Async - How to use ManualResetEvent

Can any one tell me how to use 'ManualResetEvent' in a async wcf service? I have a console application which makes calls to async wcf service and I wanted to close the console app after 'oncomplete'

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