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Web Essentials: Compile all TypeScript files on build doesn't work

Just as the title says: I have this option activated through Tools > Options > Web Essentials window, but the files aren't compiled on build. No warnings or errors, the Output panel dedicated to Web

Error after build - Web Essentials 2012

I got this error very frequent for my MVC4 applications. The project does build OK but it shows a message in the output.

Can i get TeamCity to do what web essentials does? Less files and Bundles?

I am trying to get TeamCity to build less files and generate my bundles.

Error generating the bundle. See output window for details

I am using Visual Studio 2013 Professional Update 3 and I have installed the latest version of Web Essentials (updated 8/8/2014), but I receive this error about 90% of the time I build or save. I e...

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