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How to open website url from windows application(.net) (no javascript)

I want to open website url(in default browser) from my windows application.

SPTI/SCSI operations from a Windows 7 application

I need some help regarding a security problem in updating some Windows software for communicating with a non-storage SCSI device.

How to make each Treeview Node have a related TextBox

I am trying to make a form in which the user fills in values. It is quite long. I wish to use an expandable tree to fit it into my one form. Is there any way to give each TreeView Node a TextBox by...

Transfering ASP Classic Pages from Windows to Linux

Has anyone tried a solution to host ASP classic pages on something else than IIS/Windows? I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to try one of the solutions for that problem. I know about Sun Java

The simpliest way to visualize - easy-use graphics. Which languages and lib?

I'm going to develop math model of trafics simulation and will need to somehow vizualise it. The model will be in C++

Windows opens .py file with C:\Python27\Python.exe despite rebinding Python.File

I followed Python's official FAQ to make .py file executable, i.e. adding .py to $PATHEXT and bind Python.File to "C:\Python27\Python.exe" "%1" %*. The result was fine:

Reading the local password policy programmatically

Are there Windows API functions that allows reading what the current password policy is? For instance, minimum length, complexity etc.

How should my program decide to install under “Program Files (x86)”?

Just out of curiosity, if I am creating a program installer, how should I decide in which "Program Files" directory to install to? On 32-bit systems, the environmental variable "%programfiles%" is ...

How to test smtp email with DOS, not telnet?

I know how to test smtp email using telnet. But I think because telnet uses "its own channel" to reach smtp server, it doesn't necessarily mean the normal smtp communication on port 25 would work.

How to run Gerrit on Windows with basic setup

I was trying to Google for answer and figure it out myself for few hours already but no success.

Free tool to throttle traffic between local IIS (loopback) and browser on local machine?

I want to do some performance tests on my dev box and want to throttle/slow down the traffic between the local IIS and the browser. I used the free NetBalanacer tool but it doesn't seem to support ...

Is there a way to map a UNC path to a local folder on Windows 2003?

I know that I can map a UNC path to a local drive letter. However, I am wondering if there is a way to map a UNC path to a local folder. I have a program that has a specific folder hard coded int...

git-slave for windows

git-slave documentation only has the following not-so-helpful comment regarding installation on Windows:

How to programmatically turn on “Network Discovery” in Windows OS?

My project open ports using UPnP protocol. Windows disables UPnP device discovery by default, one needs to turn on Network Discovery in Network and Sharing Center to enable UPnP device discovery.

Problems with git reset --hard after adding .gitattribute — local changes that should not be there

I have observed CRLF problems after merging bundles from my colleague. Sometimes lines with LF were mixed into the sources, probably the ones that were merged into. Therefore, we have decided to ad...

.NET Design View Not Running Windows Forms OnLoad

I have a windows application which works when the application is running, however in design view, the code in the OnLoad event crashes due to a host of reasons. Is there a way to do something like ...

How to setup setuptools for python 2.6 on Windows?

Is there any way to install setuptools for python 2.6 in Windows without having an .exe installer?

Global windows hotkey calling js function in chrome window while it is minimized

I have a web player application, and i would like to put it on mute or unmute with a shortcut key.

Is there a compiler or IDE for C on Windows that's regarded as an industry standard?

Taking advice from this post, I purchased a copy of 'The C Programming Language' and am happily reading my way through.

Can two DCs share one GDI object (brush, pen, etc.)?

Can two device contexts (DCs) share one GDI object, such as a brush or a pen?

Cut the last 2 characters of cmd.exe script response

I want to write a script that esentially pings another computer and gets average as number only. Right now I have a script that gets average ping as needed and shows it, but it has 'ms' prefix and ...

Intercepting and hiding a window before it appears

I am developing a (in-process) plug-in to application and as part of my plug-in I want to replace the application's tool-tips with my own. However, there is no API available for me to do so, so I've

C# Function Inheritance--Use Child Class Vars with Base Class Function

Good day, I have a fairly simple question to experienced C# programmers. Basically, I would like to have an abstract base class that contains a function that relies on the values of child classes. ...

Hardsub/Converting via Windows commandline

I have been trying to hardsub a video via cmd for a long time now. Still i could not find a proper way of doing it. I tried HandbrakeCLI, ffmpeg and mencoder but still could not find a way to do it...

objective c on windows and gcc

Is the gnu objective c compiler for windows the same as the compiler for Mac OS X (and Ipad)?

Safe stream update of file

We perform updates of large text files by writing new records to a temp file, then replacing the old file with the temp file. A heavily abbreviated version:

CreateFileMapping() fails for Volume

I'm having problem with mapping part of volume to memory. Volume is opened successfully, I can read from it, but CreateFileMapping() fails. GetLastError() returns 87, which has following meaning: "...

Windows PowerShell ISE doesn't promt for input

I am using console as my tool for managing mercurial repositories. Wtih classic cmd or Console2 I type:

Any examples/tutorials on using Intel UPNP's VirtualDirectory Handler?

I've been working with the UPNP library from Intel in a VB.NET project and though the lack of documentation has made it hard (literally guessing what property/method I have to use in every line of ...

Apache can't connect to http://localhost/. Port is changed to 81

I've just installed apache2.2 and installed it, but to get it running I had to change it listening port to 81. But the thing is now that I cant connect to it through localhost. The only thing I get...

The UAC prompt shows a temporary random Program Name for msi, can the correct name be displayed?

I'm building an MSI installer for windows and sign the installer using signtool. When I run the .msi to test it, the UAC (User Account Control) prompt shows up to ask me if I want to allow the

how to show mime data using python cgi in windows+apache

I met a problem while using python(2.6) cgi to show a mime data in windows(apache).

Question about Win32 ##Event## synchronization object

First let me introduce the application scene:

c++ registry not getting second value

why is this not working? the first RegGetValue puts correct values in value variable, the second doesn't, however if I comment the first RegGetValue the second will then work and put the correct co...

Create a new cmd.exe window from within another cmd.exe prompt

I am in the process of setting up CruiseControl.NET. The problem I am having is that I am running CC as a console application and when my build completes successfully and executes (using exec) it

Haskell on Windows Setup

Unfortunately I don't have access to a *nix box at work or at home. The only way I can play with Haskell is on windows. Anyone here using Haskell on Windows? What's your setup?

How do I change the ACLs on a registry key? (C++)

I need to delete a regsitry key. It has a deny ACL on Set Value (I need this permission to delete it).

Calling c function in a lib file from c++

I have to call a c function declared in a lib file from c++. What instructions/attributes/configuration I have to set for this?

What's the Best Way to Measure Memory Use from a Program?

I've been trying to optimize the Windows program I am developing, trying to find the best data structures that will minimize memory use. It loads large blocks of data, so with huge files, it can us...

How do I split a large xml file?

We export “records” to an xml file; one of our customers has complained that the file is too big for their other system to process. Therefore I need to split up the file, while repeating the “he...

How do I make TortoiseSVN ignore empty directories that have been removed from the repo?

I've got some directories that have been moved or renamed. The Linux command line SVN client ignores these directories. The TortoiseSVN plugin for Explorer shows them. If I delete them and update, ...

Failure when uploading image data with glTexImage2D

I'm developing an OpenGL application and everything works fine under Linux (both x86_32 and x86_64) but I've hit the wall during porting app to Windows. My application uses the very basic OpenGL 1.0,

What are the differences between a Windows bitmap and DIBSection?

I'm loading a DIBSection from a file with the following:

win cmd.exe in Vim tab

I'm looking for Vim/gVim plugin to use Windows shell (cmd.exe) (executing commands, retrieving output) in separate tab/frame.

How to make all your pop up windows created by page appear on top when new one is created?

So imagine we have a full screen browser opened our page. So it ocupates all screen space.

eof detection for DirectShow

Is there a way to detect that a DirectShow filtergraph has reached the end of its file? By end of its file, I mean that a filtergraph with a SampleGrabber filter will never receive another SampleCB

detect windows jpeg icon

How can I detect the icon in use by windows for jpeg pictures depending on the Windows OS version (XP,,vista,7) ? by detection I mean finding the location of it and being able of using the icon fi...

API calls claim a user has folder permissions when they don't

Having an issue with a Windows service that needs to monitor/have access to a set of folders, and move files around between those folders.

How to invoke “Log on as a service Properties” window programmatically?

How to invoke "Log on as a service Properties" window programmatically? Can I do this using the command line and mmc?

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