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Content Defined in Class Library doesn't transfer during ClickOnce Deployment

I have a WinForms, C# solution that uses ClickOnce deployment that is causing some trouble with resource files. In short, files marked as Content in class library project do not get copied to the o...

How to get ChildNodes of selected node in DevExpress XtraTreeList?

I am using DevExpress XtraTreeList. There are no checkboxes used. I want to get all childnode IDs of selected node. Note I already got ID of selected node, I just want to get IDs of child nodes of

How to make a TextBox accept only alphabetic characters?

How can I make a TextBox only accept alphabetic characters?

How to make each Treeview Node have a related TextBox

I am trying to make a form in which the user fills in values. It is quite long. I wish to use an expandable tree to fit it into my one form. Is there any way to give each TreeView Node a TextBox by...

Converting TreeNode to DataTable Dynamically

There are plenty of methods to convert datatable into treeview (treenode) like this. But is there any way to do create a datatable maintaining hierarchy. For ex. if TreeNode is like

good resources for learning Orca

have downloaded Orca to edit an MSI file. I want to remove some banner text during the installation. I have managed to do this to the MSI and saved it with the MSI. However am having problems in sa...

What does the FileDialog.RestoreDirectory Property actually do?

I've read about the property on MSDN, but I still don't understand what it does.

best way to display multi-columned data in grid format in winforms?

What is the best way to display multi-columned data in a grid format using C# WinForms?

“Object is currently in use elsewhere” exception when setting image in picturebox

With the title, there are several questions but none of them could help me or direct me to solve my problem.

Report generator options for a Winforms app?

I’m selecting a report generator for my .NET winforms app and it’s driving me crazy. I’m not familiar at all with report generators so…

.NET Design View Not Running Windows Forms OnLoad

I have a windows application which works when the application is running, however in design view, the code in the OnLoad event crashes due to a host of reasons. Is there a way to do something like ...

WindowsForms designer and GenericForm

Why doesn't the designer work if you inherit from an own written genericform?

How to stop scrolling of Panel scrollbar when textBox is selected

I have a panel called Panel1 that contains many textBoxes .(around 12 textBoxes)

Transparent Window in .NET

is there any way that winforms or WPF can do this kind of UI? transparent with blur window.

Rebind Single row

I have a .NET 4 WinForm application. I have bound a DataGrid to a collection of objects via a BindingSource. I then modify one of the objects. The grid is smart enough to recognise this once I cl...

Transparent Window (or Draw to screen) No Mouse Capture

In an app I'm coding I would like to make an alert message to appear that displays a large semi-transparent warning message without affecting the users work. Basically I will fade in the message but

adding controls to a panel , positioning the from left to right

i would like my added user-controls to be added in html-positioning way: I want them to position automatically from left to right and when there is no more room on that 'row' , to continue from the...

How to Structure a C# WinForms Model-View-Presenter (Passive View) Program?

I am designing a GUI that has the following basic idea (similarly modeled after Visual Studio's basic look-and-feel):

How to count the number of rows and display it

I am working on a desktop application that returns list of tables that have foreign keys in a datagrid by this function.

Bind Combobox form LIST<> in datagirdview

How can i bind the combobox with LIST&lt;> in datagridview . For Binding the 'Combobox'

If form is moving then

I need to alternate the value of a boolean var.. if form is moving then MyVariable to False and if form is not moving then MyVariable to True.

CheckedListBox checked items to object conversion?

I have a collection named Subjects with attributes as Name in string, and SubjectCode in int. I passed it to a checked list box. On the press of a button, i want to get the collection of all the it...

Printing PDF with Multiple Pages

I've looked all over for something to help me with this, but so far nothing. I am trying to create a program that allows a user to print a collection of pdfs. I am using ABCPDF9 to get my pdfs (m...

How to make UserControl locked to certain height?

A user is not allowed to resize a TextBox control vertically. The height of a TextBox is locked to the ideal height that a textbox should be.

LinkLabel in C# copies its Text on double-click

When I double-click a LinkLabel in WindowsForms it copies its text; how can I prevent this?

Copy permissions from one Windows Folder to another

I need to create a small C# Windows app which copies security permissions from one folder to another. That includes copying group permissions too. What would be the best way to approach such a chal...

C# simpler way to find selected tab and do something with a control within it

I am trying to find an easier way to implement this in my code. Not that I mind typing all of this but I am concerned with the amount of code I am going to have. My code sample here is just a small

C# visual studio using resource files

What I'm trying to do is adding two image files into the solution, so they will be compiled into the .exe, so I can load them right there instead of from an absolute path on the computer. I believe I

How to disable the minimize button in C#?

In my application I need to temporarily gray out the minimize button of the main form. Any ideas how this can be achieved? I don't mind doing p/invokes to Win32 dlls.

How do I store an enum value in a Windows Forms settings file?

I'm using Windows Forms and VS2008. I want to store an enum value in my application's settings file.

date select , openFileDialog equivalent

i need to select a date in my winforms app and wish to find something like an openFileDialog, and that is when i click on a button, a calendar shows up and lets me select a date. Is there such a fu...

Windows Forms C# Tool location is not same

I'm developing an windows forms application using .NET C# and so far all code related are just fine. But, I got some UI trouble. I have this gauge that I'm using in the UI for displaying a connection

Cursor.Current vs. this.Cursor

Is there a difference between Cursor.Current and this.Cursor (where this is a WinForm) in .Net? I've always used this.Cursor and have had very good luck with it but I've recently started using Code...

scale fonts together with controls

With WinForms, I can use Control.Scale to scale a control larger. When I do that, all child controls are repositioned and scaled correctly, but font size remains the same.

Is there UI inspector tool similar to hawkeye that works with .net 4.5?

I'm working with a winforms application that is targeting .net 4.5 and I really need to inspect the UI elements. I've used Snoop to inspect wpf elements in the past, and I've come across Hawekeye as

Controls are not inherited from other class

I have a function like this defined in one class:

Populating textbox with contents of Arraylist c#

I have a frustrating problem. With the following code in my clsExchange which is called in my FormExchange with simply txtPhonesInSystem.Text = ClsExchange.listPhones();I can only display the first

Creating a dockable form that stays above the task bar

I am trying to create a news ticker and I'm looking for the best way to create a dockable form that will dock to the desktop, just above the task bar (the user can move it to dock to one of the sid...

Get Rid Of Customize Layout Context Menu DevExpress

When I right click in a blank space in my usercontrols or devEpress forms a context menu comes up allowing me to customize the form How do I diable this??????

How to pause for user control in C#?

I made this little program while reading Head First C#. I'm trying to get the program to pause for the user to set the numericUpDown control for the level of difficulty. Here's the code...

Weak reference benefits

Can someone explain the main benefits of different types of references in C#?

whats the problem of this code?

I wrote some code to move the king in chess game; can you tell me where is the problem of this code that king doesn't move? Thanks.

Windows Forms ProgressBar: Easiest way to start/stop marquee?

I am using C# and Windows Forms. I have a normal progress bar working fine in the program, but now I have another operation where the duration cannot be easily calculated. I would like to display a

Casting Combobox.SelectedItem back to DateTime causes “Specified cast is not valid.”

I have the following code which appears correctly populates a combobox

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