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How display img in index.php

I have themplate it works fine no problem.

Wordpress: Add config option to all widget settings

In Wordpress, my goal is to be able to give a custom class to every widget that I put in the sidebar.

Custom Post Type as a Taxonomy

I am stuck in a problem and I need help from you guys. Below is the scenario:

error while loading wordpress post using ID

I am trying to retrieve the content of a wordpress post using its ID:

Wordbooker cURL error

I am using Wordpress V 3.4.2, while trying to install Wordbooker, it keeps giving error:

Limit how many posts display in WordPress based on category

I have a WordPress site that displays the most recent posts. They are output in a design that looks similar to this:

Redirect/block WordPress URLs with the /?p=x structure. Eg.

I'm building a site with hashed permalinks so I can email a style URL to a client. It's to provide a level of privacy without the need to log in or dick around with passwo...

PHPBB with wordpress

How to integrate phpbb with a wordpress site. When ever a user registered on my site automatically creates a forum account also. Any body knows the solution for this please help me.

Advanced Custom field thumbnail - wordpress

I'm working on a website in wordpress, i'm trying to get the thumbnail from the advanced custom field of a post with this:

wp_list_pages isnt showing title attribute

I'm using wordpress on my site and for some reason the wp_list_pages() isn't showing a title attribute?

Change rss page on wordpress

Recently I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress.

display posts under specific page

I am having many number of pages, I would like to display some specific posts under one specific page.

Login_redirect hook not working

I have already used this hook in the same way described below, What could be going wrong?

WordPress redirecting to Apache port

I've finally got my server up and running using Nginx as the frontend listening on port 80 and Apache listening on 8080 but there's no problem there, the actual problem resides with WordPress...

Renew WordPress Feed Cache in the Background

I'm looking for a way to refresh feed caches in the background.

If div is empty, set the container div to “display:none”

I've been trying to get this code to work for the past day whilst searching through these forums but without any success.

Create “Brands” category using Wordpress WooCommerce plugin

For my e-commerce site I'm trying to implement product "Brands", say Samsung, Nokia etc for each product. I want to create a new category type "Brands" & one product can be assigned to only one

Horizontal scroll bar - WP Thesis - WHY?

My site shows a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom -- it's like I have a lot of extra space to the right of my theme -- but there's really nothing there.

Wordpress menu ancestor not given ancestor class

Please take a look at this:

CSS styled social media buttons not lining up on specific posts

I'm using Standard Theme for a Wordpress blog, and on "image" posts like those here: , the social media buttons on the bottom all line up except for th...

Genesis WordPress Sticky Footer via CSS/jQuery

Alright, Folks, I'm driving myself batty with this one.

Avatar appears outside of targeted area when adding it to a PHP messaging script

I use this micro message system script and I want to add an avatar to it, however, my lack of PHP knowledge is making this difficult.

Show latest 2 sticky posts at WordPress home page

I am cutomizing my WordPress theme and I want to add latest 2 sticky post at the top of my Wordpress home page. For that I use following code:

wordpress category issues

setting up a new wordpress blog. slight problem and I've looked everywhere but cant seem to reference it. all over the net the usual syntax for select a specific category on wordpress sites is

Adding Lightbox to wordpress

I need to add lightbox to a theme instead of using the plugin. I added it and everything works fine but for some reason close.png and loading.gif images keeps referring to

the_field not outputting as HTML

I am helping a buddy out and modifying his Wordpress portfolio for him. I don't use php very often so this might be something simple.

Restrict certain tags from non-admins in Wordpress

I run a multiple author website. I want to restrict a few tags from being selected by my authors.

CSS Issue - Jquery Lightbox size resized when clicking next/previous button

Good day guys. I just want to ask some idea from pros here about the next/previous-transition (resized) issue with a jquery lightbox plugin.

Troubles Overwritting Wordpress Url Rewrites

so essentially right now I have a plugin enabled to allow me to use php in my pages. I've setup a page and set the permalink as the homepage. Doing this I'm able to make requests like

Display current logged in user's avatar outside of the loop?

I use the famous User Photo plugin for my Wordpress site. I want to display the current logged in user's avatar outside the loop. How is this possible?

WP-PageNavi Issues, Url changes but the posts remain the same?

The issue I am having is I have created a new blog page on its own page template page being called blog.php, I have pulled 5 posts into each page and the first page work great and link to the single

Wordpress adding s in http

I am modifying Wordpress and everytime I save it in Editor, it changes links from http to https. How to stop that? It makes absolutely no sense!

Activating Wordpress TinyMCE editor for a text area

I am trying to activate TinyMCE for the text area. My code is below

jQuery oddity in Wordpress

I'm getting started with Wordpress and trying to use jQuery as my JavaScript library of choice. I've got it loading with wp_enqueue_script but for some reason when the page actually loads the $ fun...

Wordpress posts from the same category below post

I'm making a wordpress theme. Right now I'm stuck with something. I want to show the posts from the same category within the loop on a single post. "Aktuelt for deg" is where the posts from the same

Assign Multiple Custom User Roles to a Custom Post Type

Okay here's the situation.... I'm working on a my business website. There will be a work/portfolio area. "Work" is a custom post type. "Designer" is a custom user role. "Client" is a custom user ro...

Change menu items labels in wordpress admin area?

Is there a way to change the labels of the menu items inside the admin area? Like when you register a new custom post type when you can specify every label for it, but for the default menu items.

WordPress - newbie confusion alert

I've not really used WP before but now I have to learn it and quickly too :( I have been coding with PHP and building my own CMSs - but I find WP a bit/very confusing. ( Partly the terminology 'Blog'

add RSS button in wordpress website

I have a WordPress blog on my website. But I've created my own page that pulls information from the database using the_post() loop and functions like the_author() and the_content() etc.

Wordpress + Advanced Custom Fields + ACE Editor Plugin

I'm trying to do a syntax highlighter combined with ACF + ACE editor for WordPress based on this guide.

Wordpress: Working with functions.php and foreach loop

Why if I call a custom function from within functions.php it does not work?

MySQL code fails to display category name (WordPress database)

Why does this code fail to display the category name "Apples" using the current WordPress taxonomy system? The Category names are stored in the $wpdb->terms table (wp_terms).

wordpress get_template_directory

I have the following code, what I am expecting it to do is locate the theme I am using and place that path before the /images/bg.png so far I just get the location which is

Redirect joomla url's to wordpress

I moved an ex-site based on joomla to wordpress. Import worked fine but the problem is that the old links don't work anymore.

Changing base url to allow relative links

I have a Wordpress site that is located in a sub-directory:

Redirect Wordpress Permalink in htaccess

I want to change the permalink structure of my site from /%postname%/ to /%category%/%post_id%/%postname%/ , and have the old backlinks redirect to the new structure (currently getting 404's). I have

Blank page on localhost/wordpress/wp-content/themes/mysitename

I'm creating my own WordPress theme and I've set it up locally with MAMP. It all works fine and the theme appears when I enter localhost/wordpress in my browser. But when I enter

how to set image position in post for wordpress?

I am using css for wordpress to set image position in post?

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