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how to bind a boolean to combobox in wpf

Well I was wondering how to bind a boolean property to a combobox.Combobox will be a yes/no combobox.

How do I run multiple events in a specific order?

I am new to c# and has a question about events on a WPF application. I have two events (Button_Click and myslider_ValueChanged) and would like the myslider_ValueChanged to run after Button_Click. I...

WPF - ObservableCollection casting

I have a method named 'PersonsMeeting' that gets as parameter ObservableCollection of Person. Can I somehow deliver it an ObservableCollection of Employee ? what casting do I need ?

Elegant way to implement INotifyPropertyChanged across many controls

I'm building a WPF application and I'm slowly uncovering some of the joys and also the frustrations of using WPF. My latest question involves updating the UI using INotifyPropertyChanged

In WPF how can I forward a Command to a child control?

I've got a MVVM-like situation (not using any frameworks) where I have a main window with a toolbar and a documents area. The documents have command bindings (e.g. Undo and Redo). When the keyboard

Lazy loading large data sets in wpf tabs using MVVM

I should start by saying I'm relatively new to the MVVM pattern. Having said that, I've got two tabs I'm trying to load with large data sets. I would like for the first tab to load when the page is

Nullable database property but texbox still shows red border when content deleted

Hi I am binding a WPF textbox to an Entity Framework property as follows:

Show progress bar when Entity Framework transfer data

I have a project that uses data from Entity Framework and present them in WPF. I want show threaded progress bar when Entity Framework load/save data on presentation layer.

How would you design a docking library for WPF?

I want to implement a docking library in wpf with behavior similar to Adobe Photoshops CS3.

C# StackOverFlowException when creating new instance of class

Hm i get a strange problem. when i creating new instance of class i get StackOverflowExcepion :)

How do draw FormattedText (if not in the onRender method)

I draw some Ellipse and add them to a Grid.

“Object is currently in use elsewhere” exception when setting image in picturebox

With the title, there are several questions but none of them could help me or direct me to solve my problem.

ICollectionView Filter won't refresh - are my bindings wrong?

Beginning to learn C#/XAML, so very well may not have done this the right way.

Attached DependencyProperty Accessors - Why?

The MSDN documentation says that you must define accessors for your custom attached DependencyProperties:

c# datagrid cell extraction

Hey im trying to store a string from a selected item in a datagrid as it has a filepath id like to use to delete.

Setting background color on a WPF ContentView

It seems like setting the background color on a custom ContentControl has no effect. If I change the ContentControl to UserControl background color property works fine,

Transparent Window in .NET

is there any way that winforms or WPF can do this kind of UI? transparent with blur window.

Border will not show in WPF Control

I'm trying to programmatically set a border in class that is derived from System.Windows.Controls.Control.

Changing the margin of a WPF Grid using animation

Here's my XAML, so far when someone enter any image in my Window, the animation pops up correctly.

How to paginate an ObservableCollection?

I have a ListBox with way too many items in it and the UI is getting slower and slower (virtualization is on, etc). So I was thinking about displaying only the first 20 items and allow to user to

What are some different methods to drag and move objects around without using Horizontal or Vertical Alignment set to Left and Top

I am developing a Dashboard application where I would like the user to be able to resize and move their chart widgets to where they please. I have had problems with the being able to move and resiz...

What kind of compiler magic do we need more?

I develop lot view models which are:

How to display a splash screen using Caliburn Micro

I'm using Caliburn Micro v1.3 with WPF. I would like to display a splash screen while my app loads.

How to disable highlighting on listbox but keep selection?

I am having trouble finding how to not allow my list box to highlight the item selected. I know that I didn't add a trigger to highlight the item. I'm still fairly new to WPF =)

Notifying my UI to refresh when a collection in it's VM changes

I have a usercontrol bound to a VM. This VM contains a collection property, lets call it "MyCollection" and several regular properties lets call one of them "SomeProperty". As you can see, the get ...

How can I have PropertyGrid in Sukram WPF Diagram Designer Sample?

I'm trying to have propertyGrid in Sukram WPF Diagram Designer Sample(WPF Diagram Designer - Part 4) and I'm Novice in wpf. How can I add Proper PropertyGrid in this project which I can show all

SizeToContent paints an unwanted border

Whenever I try to make a window and I set the SizeToContent to WidthAndHeight, on opening the window correctly sizes to it's contents, but it adds a small border to the right and the bottom. On res...

How to decide which one should we choose to use MEF vs. any IoC?

In which scenario we should use what? and in what circumstances would we choose to use both together?

Binding Converter and multibinding

I want to create 4 rectangles stacked to one row.

putting artboard XAML on separate window / screen

Simple question, but is there any way of putting the artboard designer on one screen, and the XAML on another in Blend 4?

Drag'n'drop one or more mails from Outlook to C# WPF application

I'm working on a windows client written in WPF with C# on .Net 3.5 Sp1, where a requirement is that data from emails received by clients can be stored in the database. Right now the easiest way to ...

Show an Image resource in a WPF window defined in a class library

I have seen this thread: WPF image resources and applied the information there. But my situation seems a bit more tricky:

How to identify CMYK images using C#

Does anybody know how to properly identify CMYK images using C#? I found how to do it using ImageMagick, but I need a .NET solution. I found 3 code snippets online, only one works in Windows 7, but...

BackgroundWorker to update GUI

In my Silverlight application, I have an operation that takes a couple seconds and strongly interacts with the GUI (creation of display objects in a big "for" statement)

How do I “Hide()” a Modal WPF Window without it closing?

I have a WPF window that is run on a background thread as a sort of "notifier window"... when an event is raised, it displays a message... a user clicks the "Snooze" button and I call this.Visibili...

MVC Frameworks for WPF

Are there any MVC frameworks available for WPF other than Caliburn (which looks awesome btw)?

VisualBrush not rendering in Style

Why would my VisualBrush render a lovely image in my button with this code:

Options to display fields from different databases in WPF DataGrid?

I am using .Net 4.0 framework, C#, WPF, EF 4 and FireBird.

how to use both solid brush and imagebrush in listview.background

The problem i have is how to use both the solid brush and imagebrush tags in listview.bakcground? I have set an image as background in listview but i m not able to set any color to the background?

Open new Page from an Xbap

Our application is an Xbap running in full trust. I have a function similar to this:

Authenticate and GetRoles of ActiveDirectory users in a disconnected WPF application via MembershipProvider

I have a project requirement where I need to authenticate against ActiveDirectory in a remote/disconnected WPF application.

Displaying a Second Form in WPF

I have a main form and as sub form. I need the main Form to display the sub Form and pass into the constructor an object. When the sub Form is done it needs to destroy itself so the cycle can be

WPF Control that renders a 2d dimension?

I need to render the value of the width or height of a 2d geometry object and the request is for it to not just be text, but somewhat like a dimension that would be a set of building plans. Something

WPF Controls: How to Reference Resources in Animations?

I have written a control and successfully created a storyboard to cause an animation during triggered events. It changes the fill of an ellipse for a duration of time. Instead of writing a new

How to fire event from ComboBox inside StackPanel in WPF and MVVM

I have ComboBox inside StackPanel. I am using MVVM and try to bind 'GotFocus' event Command to Command in ViewModel but when I Click on 'ComboBox', it don't work (It don't call Command in ViewModel...

window.ShowDialog stackoverflowexception reasons. WPF

What is main reasons for window.ShowDialog() stackOverflowException in WPF? I receive this exception after 10-20 seconds when I call:

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