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Xcode auto-completion - replace text keystroke?

Say we have a TestClass with the 2 methods, -getSomeString and -getAnotherString, and we are editing the following code and the cursor is in the location shown:

Quick guide to get started using Git + GitX with Xcode projects on the mac?

Using Git on the mac feels like a huge pain, and the Git documentation is just huuuuuuuuge. Maybe someone has a top secret blog article or even screencast to share, that explains the basics fairly ...

Easiest way to add iPad to Apple developer account

I have some remote beta-testers who are not at all technically savvy. They are going to be testing a native iPad app. They are in another country.

uialertview and delegate (delayed in code)

I'm checking if file already exists and if it is, I'm alerting the user if he wants o replace the file. I'm using alert view and a delegate.

Is it available to use UIBackgroundModes and bluetooth-central to send a meesage who is in close area?

I want to create an Application that will send a message or pop up an alert when an people is using a same Iphone Application. And the requirement is , it also need to pop up an alert even it is in

popover display on tableview cell

i am using a TableView in my application where i want a Pop over View when i clicked on a tabel cell, all the content which is in table Cell should display in a pop over view so plz suggest me ho...

Lost frameworks in iOS 4.2

I recently updated my iOS SDK to 4.2 and now my frameworks have some wrong file-paths…

setValue points to the object instead of copying the NSString

I'm parsing an XML document. I have an NSMutableString to hold the value for each node I'm passing through and for specific nodes - I want to update the NewsElement class.

iOS and Cocos2d: my app REALLY slow on simulator but is FINE on device

..I am wondering whether there is some setting I should change to get my iOS 5.0 app running fine on an iPhone IOS 5.0 simulator. It runs at only 12fps instead on my device runs at 60fps. Any help? I

Submit datas to UIWebView

Is there a way to submit datas to a webpage (shown via UIWebView)?

How do i read text from an Alert(ios) in calabash

How can I access the text of an alertview on iOS in my calabash/cucumber tests?

use % operator in xcode

i'm trying to make a function that use % operator in objective c

How to detect php web page is running within my iPhone App other than Safari

I have built an iPhone app(not iPad) and I am running a webpage within a Web View controller. My question is how can the PHP file detect that it is being run from within this App's UIWebView contro...

for(UIButton *keyButton in self.view keyboardView){

Im trying to set up the variable keybutton to allow me to retrieve all my buttons in the keyboard view. I don't know how to write it though.

Restart iphone application from the very beginning

when i close my application (via HOME button) and open it up again, how do i force the application to restart from the very beginning view and not from the last location that was shown (before it was

NSInternalInconsistencyException while loading custom view

2011-12-01 10:30:37.211 basicViewBased[496:207] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: '-[UIViewController _loadViewFromNibNamed:bundle:] loaded the

Dynamic UILabel positions using interface builder?

I'm trying to make a dynamic view with multiple numbers of UIlabels (and possibly image)

Uploading to iTunesConnect with Organiser crashes

I've been trying to re-upload a previously uploaded app (it originally failed submission), but both the 'Validate' and the 'Submit' button in Organiser crash Organiser itself before finishing. This...

Orientation Landscape iOS 5 on xCode 4.6

I want my app to be landscape. I tried everything, my storyboard's orientations are landscape, I changed the supported orientations and the initial orientation in info.plist. Can anyone help me?

CFBundleLocalizations info.plist - How to put multiple languages

I cannot find the answer for this question anywhere. I'm new to Xcode. I have developed two multilanguage iPhone apps and cannot upload them to iTunes Connect because I'm getting the famous error "...

how easy to filter data by dates with uitableview

will like to know how easy to do the date change and get a new set of data for my tableview.

“Base SDK Missing” after upgrading to Xcode 3.2.5

So I took the step upgrading to Xcode 3.2.5 (iPhone SDK 4.2) and now I cannot run to device. I always see this now in the dev environment:

Recursive flood fill on an iPad paint app

Im using recursive flood fill algorithm on my ipad painting app and it crashes with stack overflow i think. Can someone help me solve this problem with example code or good advice because im a noo...

warnings after updating to x-code 4.4.1 for RestKit

When I updated X-Code to 4.4.1 It gives me 22 warning for using RestKit Library. The error was like this:

Which Xcode template should I use?

I want to make an application which shows you the schedule for your school.

Console does not show me the right value while using NSLog to show a placeholder of an Array

I try to print the second placeholder of an Array in the console with the following code:

How do I link PCL library properly for use within an objective-C app compiled in Xcode?

Question: How do I use PCL in the context of an Objective-C Cocoa (OSX, not iOS) app?

Changing the name of the committer in Xcode

i am working with an other developer in developing an iOS application and now he don't work with us and i am working with his computer but the problem is when i push my code i am seeing his name

Is it possible to debug with Xcode through a Lightning Digital AV Adapter?

When I connect my iPhone 5 directly to my MacBook it shows up in Xcode.

Does XCode implicitly convert plists's to binary format?

Does XCode implicitly convert plists in a project to binary during the building process? I don't think it does this implicitly but having a hard time determining for sure.

Saving login credentials Xcode

I am implementing an application, the first view is the login view. it contains 3 textfields Account name, Username and password. i want to let the application to save the login information in ord...

Organising iOS OCUnit test files in XCode

I am adding unit tests to an existing iOS project using OCUnit with Xcode 4.2. I have successfully added a new build target (following instructions here:

How add a custom UIView to a storyboard scene

I created a UIView with an image view inside it. Gave it a name of "XXXMyView".

iPhone zXing QR Scanner - didscanresult function never fires

I have loaded the zXing project into my own project.

How to animate a UIview when the UIVIew is hidden in the sameView

I have a view in that i have dragged one more View and assigned it has

MKMapView Zooming In On User's Location Once But Not The Second Time in Tab-Bar App (iOS)

I have an MKMapView as part of a Navigation Controller in a Tab Bar based app.

Migrating to Universal app (iPhone/iPad)

I have an old iPhone app and now want to migrate it to an iPad app...

Is there a quicker / better way to clear the iPhone Simulator cache than deleting its directory?

So I'm still reasonably new to iOS development and I'm finding myself quite regularly needing to delete either DerivedData, or the contents of the iPhone Simulator directory, to get things to actua...

iPhone ScrollView zoom problems

I'm new to iPhone dev and Obj-C and I have several problems with ScrollView/ImageView while getting close to deadline. I used IB to create interface so I access most parameters via builder.

Write some text in (or on) UIStatusBar

I know, it's a strange question ^^,

Why do the files in the Copy Bundle Resources appear in red?

The files in the Copy Bundle Resources appear as

Navigation Controller and View not updating when navigating back

I have a navigation based app with a right bar button from my first view which pushes a second view to the navigation controller. Upon clicking the back button (left bar button) while viewing the s...

How to store image in program (not in photo library)

I what to store images with below code but occur error,How should i store images(not in photo library in program like this method)?

Where does XCode Console App Build Go?

Where does the build output go for a console app? I can run the app from within XCode, but I want to try and run it form the console.

How can I send image on twitter from my iphone in ios5

I want to share image on twitter from my iphone using twitter api twitter+OAuth but I don't know how to share it from my iphone. I have tried same operation using sharekit but I did not get success.

iPhone SDK: UIButton with both image and text possible?

I have a button of size width 200 and height 270. I want to have text and image on the same button. Not as a background image on that text. Instead of this, I want to display the text with height 1...

How to set images to uialertview button in iOS?

How can I set images to UIAlertview buttons without using custom buttons?

Setting up user specific preprocessor macros for Xcode

I'd like to be able to have specific code blocks such as #ifdef SOME_VARIABLE and the value of variable would be filled at project's build time if the project is being built on a specific user's ma...

iPhone Xcode Settings.bundle Plist Help

I followed the tutorial:

how to draw Arc in viewdidload method in iPhone

i try to draw arc in view i use this code.

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