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Binding an xml node's children to ASP.Net DropDownList

I'm trying to bind the contents of a node of XML to a Drop Down List without much success.

How to use an XML string to find certain element values in php?

How to use an XML string to find its certain element values?

Why is there no prefix associated with this xmlns?

I'm playing around with XMPP and thus learning about XML. Here is an example of an element to retrieve all registered users from the XMPP docs:

Create a custom View by inflating a layout?

I am trying to create a custom View that would replace a certain layout that I use at multiple places, but I am struggling to do so.

Writing a large XML file with Out Of Memory Error Java

I am developing an app for android, I need to create a rather large XML file.

Android rss unable to parse XML with attribute

Document doc = getDomElement(response); // getting DOM element

How to choose returned column name in a SELECT FOR XML query?

MS SQL has a convenient workaround for concatenating a column value from multiple rows into one value:

XSLT Position()

I have the following XML data, and process HTML using XSLT processor.

Embedded Parser Memory Use XML vs JSON vs?

I have an embedded weberver which is currently used to administer various bits of hardware over a network.

Unable to cast TEXT to XML in SQL Server

Basically I have a column named XML that is of type TEXT; this cannot be changed for other reason, but I was wondering how I could cast it to XML.

XML document - Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I'm working on a website where I need a google map to display the positions of the members of the site.

flow control depending on value of xml element

I have a long xml data file with 500+ items in it, it comes in this form:

objective c creating app ui from xml

I am trying to parse xml (attached) and create a ui from it dynamically - with no success.

XPath - compound predicate + test if value does NOT start with something

I need help with some XPath. Say I am working on XHTML. How do I select all the a elements whose href attribute is NOT empty and does not begin with, say, 'mailto:'?

Adjusting XML config files from a script

I'm working on automating the configuration of several JBoss servers, which involves editing a substantial number of XML files.

How do I select a maximum date from SQL Server 2005 XML Column?

I am new to XML programming in SQL Server. This will probably be a simple question for you guys!

insert multiple xml elements in c#

I want to create XML document with multiple elements inside. The format should be something like this:

groovy parse xml into pojo

i need to get this url (http://localhost:8983/solr/select/?q=treen&omitHeader=true) and get the response as xml, and for each record, parse it to a class and then create a final map with all the

Eclipse : No Graphical Layout for Android XML Files

This problem occurred all of a sudden in my Eclipse(which happens to be fully updated) but it seems that my Graphical Layout editor is gone for ever.
1119 - webbrowser get xml document

Hey, I have been trying to switch my code from using an ie object to using a built in webbrowser. Most of the properties are the same but I have run into an issue getting an xmldocument from a page.

Setting ErrorHandler on XML Validator causes incorrect validation

I've run into what seems like some very strange behavior while using Java's XML Validator (which I believe uses the Apache Xerces implementation).

PHP - XML not parsed

I'm tryng to send an request to Cielo's webservice, but if i send with curl, fsockopen or other, it doesn't work, and if I post an form, it work perfectly...

F# XML parsing

this c# code is probably not the most efficient but gets what I want done.

SQL and XML - Calculation of longest continuous pause

I have a very specific problem which i was hoping somebody could shed some light on. It is not exactly an error but more so help on the query i need to run to return the desired result set.

How do I get “select for xml” to output to several files?

Our customer is complaining that our export file is too long; they would like us to split the export into many files with no more than “n” records per file. Is there a way of doing this with “sele...

Filter XDocument more efficiently

I would like to filter with high performance XML elements from an XML document.

Find all nodes from an XML using cElementTree

Is there a way to find all nodes in a xml tree using cElementTree? The findall method works only for specified tags.

Question about XPath with functions in it

this is a follow-up question of my previous thread:

Write and stream a templated Xml as efficiently as possible

I am trying to find the best solution to prevent us to allocate too much memory when building an Xml document. I have to construct a fairly large Xml with the less resource possible (the web servic...

Android any orientation XML layout

Hello I am trying to make my layout compatible with all orientation screen types (landscape/portrait). For that I am using layout-land and layout-port.

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError with DOM

I am trying to test different parsers, i have problem with DOM when i try to parse 70 MB xml file. Error is java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

XML::LibXML extracting a value

This should be incredibly simple. I've been using findnodes quite happily for a while now, but if I just need to extract a single value, I'm not sure it is that efficient.

amp in xml getting comverted to “&”

I am creating one url and adding & to that url.

Extract a QString from xml tag

I have this resulted QString from an http request, What I need to do is to extract only the string "一致" which is inside the tag

Reading xml ref attribute in .NET

I can do this in Xpath, but unfortunately for this particular project I am unable to use xpath.

How to make one part of view (relativelayout) scroll, but another part not move?

I have a RelativeLayout that is a detail page for search results. It displays a bunch of different TextViews, has a table or two, and also holds a SupportMapFragment. I want that portion to be

Lightweight XML Viewer that can handle large files

There are plenty of "heavyweight" tools such as XmlSpy, which are good for prodding around in xml docs - but often (very often in some cases!) you just want to quickly open and browse an xml doc, and

HttpUtility.HtmlDecode in WinRT

Is there an equivalent to HttpUtility.HtmlDecode in WinRT? I'm developing a MetroStyle app and want to decode strings that came from a XML doc.

SGEN: The top XML element from namespace references distinct types

I have the following classes (all defined in the same namespace, Test.NamespaceTest):

Reproduce all attributes in XML conversion using XSLT

I try to convert XML to XHTML using XSLT.

What's the best way to process this XML feed?

I've got an XML document that gives me addresses. Here's an excerpt:

Scala - XML inspection/modification

I am new to both XML processing and Scala in general. I have few questions/things to achieve based on the example xml below

Sql iteration over XML

I'm trying to read xml data field from a table and insert this data in another database. The XML document looks like this:

Does Schema Define Number of Elements?

I have recently started with XML and had a question regarding XML schemas. As I understand schemas define a sort of contract that all XML files that implement the schema, will follow.

unescaping xml text from ElementTree in python

I'm trying to pull out an escape noded from an XML document. The raw text for the node looks like this:

XML editor with intellisense/autocomplete based on XML Schema

I'm looking for an XML editor that can provide auto completion and validation based on an XML schema. The target platform is Linux, with Win/OSX support desirable but optional.

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